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A FUN Movie by Mark Heike

John Dies At The End movie poster graphicOld fogeys like me don’t usually get too excited about contemporary movies, but I’ve just seen one I REALLY enjoyed!! Naturally, I’d much prefer that you view an AC Comics./Nightveil Media, Inc. video offering any day of the week, but if you MUST tear yourself awayfrom OUR universe for a few hours, try an interesting little picture that you should find in theatres right now, called “John Dies At The End”. It was made by Don Coscarelli, the man responsible for the “Phantasm” films. Steph and I had become fans of the Phantasm franchise due to the interesting continuity and consistancy from film to film, and when we’d heard Coscarelli had a new movie coming, we’d been watching out for it. “John Dies At The End” also maintains the nightmare-like juxtaposition of events and feel so effectively carried in the Phantasms, but this one has a different sort of tone. If you’ve ever watched “Supernatural” or any of the ghost-hunting reality shows (whether you like them or not) you’ll probably enjoy this.  Don’t expect an all-star cast; the only recognizable names I saw in the credits were Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown and Angus Scrim, but all the performances were great, the effects worked,  and there were a lot of laughs throughout. And, it has somewhat of a comic-book tie-in; as the film is actually based on a book written by “David Wong”, who writes for Cracked magazine. The plot of the film is a ….somewhat fictionalized account of a day in the life of Wong himself and his Cracked- writing buddy, “John Cheese”.  If you want an idea of the sort of things comic book industry people do in an average day AFTER work, see this movie.  Actually, it’s nothing like that, but it’s fast-moving, effects-filled, clever, unique and funny. You can read more about it at www.johndies.com. And if it’s not playing anywhere in your area, you can buy a download of the movie on Itunes.

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