Golden Age Greats Spotlight Vol12- Good Girls Strike Back coming soon!! by Mark Heike

Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 1 cover artOur initial Golden Age Greats Spotlight on Outrageous Good Girl Art Comics (GAG Spotlight Special Volume 8 ) was such a huge success, we are revisiting the comic-book pin-up and glamor theme again with GOLDEN AGE GREATS SPOTLIGHT Volume 12- GOOD GIRLS STRIKE BACK!! Here we’ll be presenting all the great “Good Girl” art material we couldn’t FIT into the previously-published Volume 8, plus a LOT more!! Of course, Fox Features’ PHANTOM LADY will be there in a never-previously-reprinted Golden Age story, but her Fox co-star RULAH, JUNGLE GODDESS will be around, too.  While The PHANTOM LADY is the poster girl for 1940’s pin-up/glamor art (and rightly so, thanks to the spectacular illustration by the great Matt Baker on so many PL stories), the adventures she had were really pretty mundane; standard crime/adventure plots.  But the oft-neglected RULAH (while being drawn nearly as sensuously as PL by an unnamed team of Iger Shop artists) tended to romp through stories that were particularly lurid. Graphic violence, mysogony, bondage, torture and a variety of twisted situations made Sandra Knights’ PL look almost like a nun compared to RULAH!! This issues’ special focus will finally show the comic world WHICH Fox Features heroine was REALLY the wildest! And don’t forget a THIRD Fox starlet, TANGI, the lissome, blonde-haired jungle vixen! She’ll be there, too- And just to complete a selection of Fox jungle girls, we’ll include an adventure of the red-headed ZEGRA as well. Of coures, the BEST jungle-girl GGA stories originated at Fiction House Publications in the 1940’s, so this volume will have a pair- TIGER GIRL and CAMILLA- both rendered by the master, Matt Baker. Fight Comics’ espionage agent SENORITA RIO will be along, as well. The newspaper comic strips never boasted a better-looking star than Bob Lubbers’ LONG SAM. This GAG Spotlight will give extensive coverage to this classic strip that ran for all-too-brief a time. Lubbers’ comic BOOK classic, the Western adventuress FIREHAIR will be here, too- in a never-before-reprinted classic story.  Then, it’ll be a GGA feature DRAWN by a great girl, BLONDE BOMBER- with art by by Jill Elgin. Now, even BEFORE the comic book as we know it existed, there were already GGA comic strips, as we’ll prove this issue with a selection of the almost-never-seen SALLY The SLEUTH stories drawn by Adoph Barreaux for the SPICY STORIES pulps of the 1930’s. Considering how often the intrepid Sally ended up out of her clothes, it really IS appropriate to call the comic a “strip”!!  Also- see the costumed heroine WAR NURSE in the story that first teamed her with the international group known as The GIRL COMMANDOS. Everyone loved our glimpse of PUSSYCAT last time, so there’ll be more this issue- not one but TWO stories, drawn by the legendary Jim Mooney!!  And last but not least, TORCHY, by  Gill Fox. Hot babes, drawn by some of the most skilled illustrators of the female form in comic book history- what’s not to love? 140 standard comic-book sized  pages of vintage, full-story reprints in black & white; saddle-stitched between full-color covers for $29.95- that’s what you’ll get in Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 12. There’s still time to place an advance-reorder with your comic book retailer- just tell him that you want to order Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 12: Good Girls Strike Back- DCD Item # JAN130799, from the January, 2013 issue of Diamond Previews ( V 23, #292) for items shipping in March. And check out all of the great previous issues of Golden Age Greats Spotlight in our online web store, all still available at their original cover price!!

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  1. If this volume is half as good as the last one, it will be twice as good as most other books.

  2. Ooooooohhhh! A Long Sam spotlight! Rulah, Torchy, and some things I’ve never seen before! Oh yes, this one is on the list!

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