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Men of Mystery #89 coming soon- by Mark Heike

Men of Mystery 89 cover artIt really is a great time to be a Golden Age comic book fan, what with all the reprint material currently available from a myriad of publishers. Of course, anyone who knows anything is aware that AC Comics has been presenting the best in vintage reprint material longer than ANY of them; and while we appreciate and applaud the efforts of others, we feel WE do vintage material best. Other publishers simply scan and print straight out of 75-year old moldering newsprint comics, bringing all the printing flaws, signs of age and 1940’s graphics technology with them. There’s nothing like holding an ACTUAL vintage book in your hands- but when someone is using 2013 printing technology to preserve the worst aspects of the medium- well, that seems a little silly to us. Which is why AC has always had the idea of bringing you something better, something different than you would get with an original comic book itself- something closer to the original art that the books were printed from. That’s why all AC reprints are in black and white; to preserve the integrity and clarity of the line art itself. You won’t see clearer, better-quality vintage reprints anywhere. And we always strive to fill our books with the BEST and most interesting work of the era, rather than slavishly reprinting in series. Our upcoming Men of Mystery #89 is no exception. Printing in April of 2013, the highlights of this issue include early work from the soon-to-be star artist Mac Raboy on an adventure of Fawcett Comics’ Dr. VOODOO. Raboy would later make his mark on CAPTAIN MARVEL Jr; GREEN LAMA and a long run on the FLASH GORDON newspaper strip, but here you’ll see an excellent example of his early work. One of the most obscure and esoteric, almost legendary comic books of the early 1940’s is the one-shot produced by the Lloyd Jaquet Studio, GREEN GIANT Comics. MOM #88 will present the one and only appearance of a strange costumed superhero from that book known as The MASTER MYSTIC!! We guarantee you’ve never seen THIS one before!! And every issue of MOM we try to introduce at least a few characters from the 12940’s we’ve NEVER reprinted before, and this issue will be no exception, with early Quality Comics stars from Hit Comics HERCULES and The RED BEE, AND from Cat-Man Comics, BLACKOUT!! Of course, there’ll be a lot more, like the further adventures of Dell’s bizarre PHANTASMO, whose saga we started in MOM #88; and frontline star features from the era (in never previously reprinted adventures, of course) like DOLLMAN, AIRBOY, COMMANDO YANK, GREEN MASK, SPY SMASHER, CAPTAIN FREEDOM, SHOCK GIBSON and NEON the UNKNOWN!! Featuring art by Mac Raboy, Bob Powell, Dan Barry, Ernie Schroeder, Bob Fujitani, Arturo Cazeneuve, Elmer Stoner, Mac Raboy, Victor Pazmino and more. It’ll be another 140-page, saddle-stiched  blockbuster of full-story vintage reprints in black and white, at regular comic book size with a full-color cover, all for $29.95 There is still time to advance-order this book with your local comic book retailer. Simply tell him you want to order Men of Mystery #89, DCD Item # FEB130667,  from the February issue of Diamond Previews ( V23#293) for items shipping in April. And in the meantime, be sure to check out the entire backlist of Men of Mystery available for purchase in our online webstore.  Virtually all of the previous 88 issues are currently available there at original cover price.  Golden Age comic book thrills, entertainment and history at an affordable price. That’s the AC Comics way.

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