November 10, 2013

New Artists Debut in FEMFORCE 165- Coming Soon!! by Mark Heike

Yankee Girl splash page from Femforce #165Look for several new names popping up in the art credits in FEMFORCE #165, which will be ready in just a couple of weeks. One Riccardo Desini, an talented Italian penciler who makes hisAC debut illustrating the Frank Tra YANKEE GIRL story “Invasion”. Check out the page to the left from that very story, as inked by our Jeff Austin. Then, get ready for Seth Bunke, a hot new penciler from right here in the good ol’ USA, as he teams up with inker Mark Dail on a wacky adventure showsacing ROWENA, the Gentle Giantess. But there’ll be plenty of old favorites on hand as well, like the team of Rock Baker and Scott Shriver on STORMY TEMPEST, and Rock Baker and Jeff Austin (is there Rowena page from Femforce #165an echo in here?) on the main FF lead feature. So, don’t forget to look for your copy of FF #165, coming soon to your local retailer; in two cover versions- the standard Eric Coile FF design, and the alternate John Nadeau STORMY TEMPEST cover. You can still put in an advance reorder for the book with your local retailer; tell them you want a copy of FEMFORCE #165, DCD item # SEP130827, shipping in November, offered in the the September issue of Previews, Volume 23, #300. Or, find it in the web shop here at in just a few weeks. And there’s more Stormy Tempest splash from Femforce #165new talent to come in FF #166, coming early next year, when Manuel Diaz, Scott Shriver and Mark Holmes team up on “She-Cat Goes To Prison!”FF page from FEMFORCE #165