Old Friends In New Places by Mark Heike

Photo of Tillman SmootBack in the halcyon days of yore( in other words, the early 1990’s) AC had a creative, energetic young fan named Tillman Smoot. He read our books., he wrote us letters, he even organized a fan club. When we contemplated expansion and attempting to compete with the big boys, Tillman left the wilds of South Carolina to relocate to Orlando and take a job at AC comics in 1993, where he worked with us as our  Marketing Director, as well as moonlighting as a scriptwriter. The now-legendary Rur War saga  that ran from FEMFORCE #65-67 was one of Tillman’s most-memorable literary contributions. To the upper left a recent photo of Mr. Smoot and his lovely wife in a candid shot in his average street attire.  After a year or two, Tillman moved onto greener pastures in a more lucrative field. Good Girl Art 13 cover artWe have had a chance to touch base occasionally with him through  email over the years, when he wasn’t too busy. After a bit of a lag, we’ve gotten back up with him in recent days. Just a few weeks ago, he had a chance to relate a story to us that we found pretty entertaining . We’ll let Tillman tell it in his own words:” A few years ago I was downtown in Atlanta (where I live now) and my wife went to the restroom at the Savage Pizza, where we were having lunch. A few minutes later she comes and says “You have to see this”. Of course, I immediately winced because of what the implications of her returning from the restroom with that announcement were. Apparently they wallpaper the restrooms of Savage Pizza with comic book covers, and lo and behold, the covers of the two GGAQ’s I wrote for and one of the FF Good Girl Art Quarterly 14 cover artbooks I wrote  were on the wall in the ladies room. My 15 minutes of fame ended up in the crapper.” And that might be an appropriate epitaph for us all. Tillman is a great guy, and  an important character in the history of AC Comics. We wish nothing but the best for he and his family. Now you’ll have to excuse me, I’m off to check out the women’s restrooms at some of the local pizza places here in Orlando. You never know, their walls may be papered with AC Comics covers, too!!

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  1. Both of these GGAQ stories are personal favorites of mine. Great team effort guys! I was around back in those days and a huge AC fan but I was not a letter writer back then nor a club joiner. Looks like I missed out on a lot of fun.

  2. Filed under small world – My cousin is the proprietor of Savage Pizza in Atlanta, and I was one of the original members of the Femforce Fan Club Tillman started before running it online for several years after he moved on.

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