Walken The Walk by Mark Heike

Christopher Walken pictureOne of my favorite actors currently working in Hollywood  is Christopher Walken.  Over the years, he’s really managed to develope a unique screen personna. I normally find anything he’s in to be watchable, for his performance at least; if for nothing else. Mind you, as an actor who works A LOT, Walken has been in films of varying levels of quallity. There are two recent Walken movies that bear ouit that phenomenon.  “Stand-Up Guys” is getting a bit more publicity, and has a more impressive cast, featuring co-stars Al Pacino and Alan Arkin. It’s pretty missable, though, with a script (about the antics of three geriatric small-time gangsters) that is utterly predictable.  “Seven Psychopaths”, on the other hand, is pretty entertaining.  It’s a story that is told in a unique and quirky manner- and I usually don’t go IN for “untraditional” storytelling on the big screen, but here it works. Be prepared for plenty of profanity and violence, but the movie is filled with interesting characters, and I had NO idea where the clever plot (which makes sense in the end) was going from moment to moment. Full of surprises and some dark humor. I recommend it to all Walken-watchers everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Walken The Walk by Mark Heike

  1. “(about the antics of three geriatric small-time gangsters)” So it’s basically a retelling of THE CREW?

  2. Last year I was surprized to find Walken turn up on an early ’60’s episode of NAKED CITY as a teenager!

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