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An all new Angel Avenger is here! Meet MetalGypsy! She’s deliciously exotic, incredibly sexy, amazingly powerful and unbelievably stylish! This astonishing new heroine has graceful moves you won’t believe! The villains have acquired a new occult artifact that transforms helpless citizens into mindless zombie-like thugs. Enter MetalGypsy to put an end to this evil scheme with the power of her mysterious bracelet and her devastating combat maneuvers. MetalGypsy’s fighting skills incorporate a unique mixture of martial arts, hypnotic dancing, enhanced strength and swaying hips of steel! Your jaw will drop as you are mesmerized by her preternatural beauty… then she’ll SHATTER your jaw with a swift kick to the face! We guarantee you’ll be seeing more of MetalGypsy and the multi-talented Jennifer Trieste in our future films. Don’t miss her CultRetro movie debut right here!

Starring Jennifer Trieste as MetalGypsy, Anthony Wayne as Tony, Stem Whitaker as Slim, Michael Brady and Peter Emr as Zombie Thugs. Produced & Directed by Bill Black. “B-Movie King” and cult movie legend Joel D. Wynkoop guest stars as Big Joel Nekoda!

Runtime: 6 Minutes (not including credits)
Windows Media format: Available in High Definition (HD) 1280×720 widescreen format