Ashley Wilson is… Astra!

Here is your first look at Ashley Wilson as Astra!

This is from today’s costume fitting. The belt is temporary and we have a few adjustments yet to make, but it’s coming together very well.

Ashley looks GREAT! And very SHINY!  :)

Astra is Astron’s female sidekick. Search for “Astra” here on this site to find some of the Femforce comics in which she appears. Both Astron and Astra will appear in Stormy Tempest’s 4th series of live-action films by Bill Black and JohnJG. We will be filming these episodes early next week!

Astra will both team-up with and fight against Stormy Tempest.

Astra might not be one of the more famous AC heroines, but she will be soon once you see Ashley in action! Her abilities will include flight, invulnerability, superstrength, superspeed, hand-fired energy beams, laservision, tactical helmet displays and the ability to create dimensional portals for teleportation (and a few other unique combat tricks). Ashley is also a capable fighter even WITHOUT her powers (as seen in AngelAvengers episodes 01 and 03).

Ashley’s helmet (as seen in the picture below) is older than she is. It was fabricated by Bill Black and was worn by Bill Greenman in the as-yet-unreleased 1970′s Astron episode.  The helmet will return to action next week!

Astra will give Stormy Tempest a run for her money. We hope to have Astra star in her own series in the near future.