Film Projects For 2012 by JohnJG

Happy New Year everyone!  Right now the CultRetro film crew is in full “panic mode” as we juggle multiple projects and get ready for some major releases in early 2012.

This upcoming weekend we will be filming an all new set of Stormy Tempest Season 3 adventures with Nicola Rae. We are hoping to film 3-4 episodes for release later this year (after we complete and release the rest of the current Stormy Season 2 series).  Sparks fly when Stormy once again runs into Clayton the Sleeper! We’ll also introduce a new Space Patrol heroine named Velocity Blaze played by Autumn Sage. Stormy must also contend with an alien tentacled swamp monster! If everything goes as planned there may be 6 or 7 new Stormy Tempest episodes released in 2012!

Practical Effects Genius Chris Casteel just finished assembling the alien swamp beast for Stormy Season 3 and it looks AMAZING! Here’s a teaser photo showing a little of his work-in-progress. This is the unpainted latex glove fresh out of Chris’s hand-carved, one-of-a-kind mold. Brilliant!

Chris Casteel's Stormy Tempest Swamp Monster Hand in Progress

Chris Casteel's Stormy Tempest Swamp Monster Hand in Progress

I’m still tweaking the Stormy Season 3 scripts to accommodate the fantasic new location we just found, while also working on accessories for Velocity Blaze, while repairing and rebuilding accessories for Clayton the Sleeper, while preparing choreography for Stormy’s fight sequences, while completing the big Joel Wynkoop Angel Avengers 03 episode, while preparing preview images of MetalGypsy (our newest Angel Avenger starring in the already filmed Angel Avengers 04 through 06), while working on final effects and sound editing for Stormy Tempest Season 2′s next installment “Prisoner in the Present”.

Our New Angel Avenger: MetalGypsy

Our New Angel Avenger: MetalGypsy

Nicola Rae is hopefully learning her lines and practicing combat moves. :)

Bill Black is now hard at work on the next installment of Ghost of Garganta. GOG is a very long term project with special effects in virtually every frame… especially now that Garganta is fully returned from the dead and can once again interact with and stomp on the living. Now that Garganta is back, the camera pretty much stays with the giantess and her exploits. Bill reports that the next installment should feature a little bit of Nicola Rae as new giantess Colossa, Garganta drinking from a milk truck, and a “flashback recap” that recreates some of the scenes from the original black and white Amazing Colosal Woman film… though this time it will be with improved effects and in full color. The Ghost of Garganta is a slow-going project. With Bill himself now hammering away at it we hope to have this next installment available very soon.

Bill and I both plan to do more blogging and tell some of our behind-the-scenes stories from the making of the films. We have lots of videos and photos to share. Mark is doing an AWESOME job with the blogging and is completely blowing us out of the water. We need to catch up!

Maria Paris is chomping at the bit to return as the Blue Bulleteer. We may run another fundraiser later in the year to facilitate this if the timing works out. We will produce the movie itself and maybe you guys can help fund Maria’s hotel stay and plane ticket? We shall see…

So let’s recap… here’s what’s coming up in 2012 from CultRetro films:
Stormy Tempest Season 2: Prisoner in the Present
Stormy Tempest Season 2: Fight for the Future
(Possibly another untitled episode will slip into Stormy Season 2 also)
Stormy Tempest Season 3: Currently planned as 3 -4 episodes
Angel Avengers 03: Femme Fatales (the big Joel Wynkoop episode)
Angel Avengers 04 – 06: Featuring MetalGypsy
Angel Avengers 07 – ???: (we’re hoping to shoot a few more episodes this winter before it gets too hot for catsuits in Florida)
Ghost of Garganta : the next installment atleast, hopefully the one after that as well
And possibly a new Blue Bulleteer project

2012 is going to be a great year for CultRetro and AC Comics!

And now back to work… what was I doing again?