International Customers:Order NOW And Save!! by Mark Heike

Butch Guice Ms. Victory drawingThe U.S. Postal service enacted new postal rates during the fourth week of January and that will eventually impact on our costs to ship out products. The increase in domestic rates (orders shipped within the U.S.) are negligible, but those for international shipping are substantial. We will of course have to pass on these costs, and adjust our shipping rates accordingly. U.S. customers will likely not even “feel” the increases, they will be so small; but overseas customers may see a jump of as much as $10.00 on our minimum orders (1-6) items, while large orders may cost as much as $80.00 just to ship. With changes at the P. O. in recent years eliminating most low-cost postal rates and going to dimension-based pricing (meaning that larger packages that take up more volume cost more, even if they are very light-weight) our hands are tied. It will likely take us several weeks to “test-drive” the new rates, then make the necccesary changes in our online store shopping cart system to begin charging the higher rates. As of this moment, the AC web store shipping rates are still set to auto-charge customers at the old (2012) levels. Overseas customers may want to order now, to take advantage of shipping at the “old” rates. Until we get our cart adjusted, we will absorb the difference in cost, which means a savings to customers who act fast. And all you international cutomers take note- the LARGER the order you place, the MORE you save. If you have been waiting to place an AC web store order, wait no longer!! Whether your interest is in comics, DVDs, books, or any item we offer for sale, it’ll cost you LESS overall to recieve it NOW than it will in just a few weeks. Be sure to act fast. The new shipping prices will go into effect without further notice, sometime before the end of February. Buy online in the AC store now and save.