Iron Mountain Trail-Black Hills Ambush Western Double Feature DVD


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A great vintage Western double-feature!! TWO spectacular, rollicking cowboy classics on a single disc!! First, it’s BLACK HILLS AMBUSH- Enroute to help his friend Nugget Clark (EDDIE WALLER), Rocky Lane trades bullets with the notorious Black Hills outlaw gang. He befriends a teenager (MICHAEL HALL) whose brother is one of the outlaws and endeavours to keep the kid on the straight and narrow. While repeatedly robbing Clark’s freight wagons, the gang leader Bart (ROY BARCROFT) takes every chance he gets to kill the youth to keep him from talking. However Rocky uncovers the true leader of the gang and with flashing fists and lethal leadslinging, brings an end to the Black Hills outlaws. Also featuring Leslye Banning and Blackjack, it was released originally in 1952, produced and directed by Harry Keller, and written by Ronald Davidson and M. Coates Webster, it’s in black and white and runs 54 minutes. Then, it’s IRON MOUNTAIN TRAIL – Government agent Rex Allen investigates a string of mail robberies perpetrated upon a clipper ship company that carries the mail up and down the California coast. Badmen Grant Withers and Roy Barcroft are looting the deliveries in their charge and Allen become suspicious. With the government mail contract up for renewal, Slim Pickens and the stage line he represents are certain they can beat the clipper ship’s delivery time by using an overland route along the Iron Mountain trail. Rex throws in with Slim and helps the stage line win the contract while bringing the mail bandits to justice.Also featuring Grant Withers, Nan Leslie and Slim Pickens. Originally released in 1953, produced by Edward White, directed by William Witney and written by Gerald Geraghty, it’s in black and white and runs 54 minutes. Both films areall-ages and regions-free, in NTSC format, offered on a single DVD-R disc that should plasy on any standard DVD player. Both great films on on DVD for only $12.95!! Released on DVD in 2014.