It’s A Wrap! Even MORE Stormy Tempest! by JohnJG

April 30th and May 1st Nightveil Media filmed a significant portion of a new STORMY TEMPEST series starring NICOLA RAE.

This time Stormy Tempest crosses paths with Bill Black’s other sci-fi superheroine ASTRA played by ASHLEY WILSON.

Astra is the female sidekick of ASTRON. Astron will also appear courtesy of footage from the as-yet-unreleased Astron serial episode starring BILL GREENMAN and filmed by Bill Black in the 1970′s .

Stormy Tempest, Astra and Astron team-up to combat an army of interdimensional invaders known as THE WARLORDS. The Warlord Commander (Pierce Knightley) is aligned with Duchess Sadistica, a 26th Century arms dealer played by actress Heather Brinkley. Sadistica is a formidable martial artist with superhuman strength and speed… and a rocketbelt that may look familiar to Stormy Tempest fans.

Ashley Wilson did an excellent job bringing Astra to life and plans are already in motion for her to star in an Astra solo adventure.

We anticipate two additional shooting days to accommodate the introduction of yet another mysterious character… one who will have a profound impact on the direction of Nightveil Media’s future film projects and set us on a course familiar to fans of the Femforce comic book series.

These science-fiction-action-adventure movies are based on Bill Black’s ongoing FEMFORCE comic book series and are produced, directed and filmed by Bill Black himself.  As of this writing there are atleast seven episodes of the series in post-production. The most recent Stormy release (STORMY TEMPEST: WOMEN OF TOMORROW) is currently Nightveil Media’s best selling film of 2012. Watch trailers for all the movies at and