New Angel Avenger – MetalGypsy by JohnJG

Angel Avengers 03: Femme Fatales will be online and available for purchase in a matter of hours. I’m actually typing this article up as I wait on the files to complete their final render. This installment will see all three Angels take on Big Joel Nekoda and his henchmen in a major showdown. Cult movie mad man Joel Wynkoop finally gets to fight the gals! We like our villains to be over-the-top… and NOBODY does over-the-top like Joel Wynkoop. This one is a lot of fun.

 Later in 2012 we’ll kick off a new set of Angel Avengers clips featuring the gorgeous and talented Jennifer Trieste performing as her alter ego MetalGypsy. We first met Jenn at an Orlando area horror convention called Spooky Empire. She was decked out as MetalGypsy for the event… imagine Elvira crossed with a bellydancer wearing a top hat. In a room full of colorful costumes and wild personalities, MetalGypsy stood out from the crowd and demanded your attention… exactly the kind of gal we’re looking for to be in our films!

To pull off the kind of stage-combat action we need for the Angel Avengers, you need to either know martial arts or be able to move fluidly and gracefully. Dancing experience is a plus. So can MetalGypsy move? Check this out…


Oh, yes… that’ll definitely work! :)

 We took some of MetalGypsy’s dancing moves and combined them with spinning kicks and whirlwind punches to create a totally unique and fun fighting style. Jennifer immediately adapted to our rapid shooting pace and her performance was outstanding. And did I mention that she was gorgeous? We’re already trying to weave her into the Stormy Tempest saga (Stormy’s nemesis Leatheretta maybe?). And wouldn’t she make an awesome genie giantess?

MetalGypsy’s dancing partner in the above video is Kuro Yuki, and as luck would have it we were able to book her on the same day that we filmed with Jenn. We cast Kuro Yuki as a demonic villainess (and yes… there IS a gypsy catfight!). Awesome!

Here are some promo pics from the shoot. Enjoy!