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The thrilling final chapter “Death Curse Of Vultura” in Bill Black’s modern cliffhanger serial saga is here! Stunning CultRetro action starlet Nicola Rae returns as Nyoka Gordon to battle the evil Crimson Skull for control of the mystical Amulet of Vultura… and this time she does it in a classic (and sexy) leopard-print jungle girl costume! The plot twists and turns as bullets and fists fly! If you love action, adventure, comic books, serials, gorillas, or beautiful gals kicking ass then this movie is for you! Gunfights! Knife fights! Fist Fights! Catfights! Gorilla fights! Peril! Bondage! Betrayal! Victory! Defeat! Horses! Humor! Plot Twists! Cleavage! Mayhem! Special Effects! It’s a non-stop, two-fisted, barefooted, vine-swinging jungle action thrill ride! Witness the fury of Satan the Gorilla unleashed! See the epic final battle between Nyoka and the Crimson Skull now! (26 minutes 30 secs) This is the third and final film in the NYOKA series. It is a brand new chapter produced in the manner of the action cliffhanger serials of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. The two previous films are: RETURN OF NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL and NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL RIDES AGAIN. NICOLA RAE as NYOKA GORDON; with Pierce Knightly, Chris Casteel, Autumn Sage and Stem Whitaker. Written by JohnJG – Directed by Bill Black & JohnJG. Produced by Bill Black, in color from Nightveil Media, Inc. Full running time of 26 minutes, 30 seconds. The disc also includes EXTRA FEATURES: Retro BLACK & WHITE version of NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL FIGHTS BACK! Plus NYOKA AND THE TIGERMEN Chapter 3!! A chapter from the classic Republic serial starring Kay Aldridge and Clayton Moore, originally released in 1942. running 17 minutes; and a chapter from the serial THE TIGER WOMAN!! Chapter 2 of this other great vintage cliffhanger chapter playm starring Allan Lane and Linda Stirling , from 1944. It runs15 mins 30 secs. Also TRAILERS! (6 minutes ) and BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS & FEATURETTE! (12 minutes) An all-ages presentation, regions-free in NTSC format, and presented on a single DVD-R disc that should play on any standard DVD player. Released on DVD in 2012.