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Season 2: Episode 4
The Women of Tomorrow return for the epic Stormy Tempest Season Two finale! Stormy Tempest (Nicola Rae) has finally recovered from her injuries and resumes her mission to thwart the evil Gorla Monk’s incursion into the 21st century. Meanwhile Lacey Slater (Aliya Hayes) masters her newly-acquired superpowers and takes to the skies over Orlando to stop criminals, extinguish a raging inferno, dogfight with alien spaceships, and perform a spectacular midair rescue of a nose-diving 767 passenger plane! Stormy herself joins the battle and rips through the remaining army of Gorla Monks in style, blasting through their ranks with a blistering attack featuring a unique and dazzling display of sci-fi firepower… while riding a 4-wheeler! With over 140 super-powered visual FX, heroine fans are going to love our most ambitious release to date! All this plus a few humorous outtakes and a pulse-pounding preview of the upcoming Stormy Tempest: Season 3 (now in post-production!) with the return of Clayton the Sleeper, a Moss Monster, and the unstoppable space patrol sheriff Velocity Blaze! Watch it now!!

Starring Nicola Rae, Aliya Hayes, Pierce Knightley, Ryan Miller, Cliff Weikal, Chris Casteel, Brenner Kaiser, Richard Shoner, and Andrew Stam. Appearances by Joel D. Wynkoop, Lisa Cara, Gary Lester, Lonnie Dohlen and Bob Glazier. Script, editing and effects by JohnJG. Cinematography by Bill Black. Directed by Bill Black and JohnJG

Runtime: 22 Minutes (not including credits, outtakes and your first look Stormy Tempest Season 3)
Windows Media format: 864×480 widescreen format