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Smokin’ Rockets! Sexy sci-fi space outlaw Stormy Tempest returns in her darkest and most titillating adventure yet! The evil Gorla Monks pursue interstellar hotshot Stormy Tempest back in time to the early 21st century where an awesome laser battle ensues. Outnumbered and injured, Stormy Tempest is taken captive and subjected to a devastating mental assault. Stormy barely escapes with her life and manages to reach the Central Florida home of Edward “The Chill” Karbunkle ( a 21st century resident who’s life she saved in “Stormy Tempest: Perils in the Past“).

What do you do when the hottest superheroine in the galaxy shows up on your front porch with an army of evil aliens right behind her? Think fast! Move faster! … and pray that your homeowners insurance covers laser damage!

Explosive spaceship dogfighting! Teleporting alien menaces! Psychic toxins! Vicious laser combat! Surreal mental vistas! Psychedelic torment and bondage! Bizarre thrills abound!

An all new adventure begins right here in what we are calling “Stormy Tempest : Season 2″!  This is the perfect place to jump into the ongoing action saga starring the unbelievably sexy Nicola Rae as Bill Black’s unbelievably sexy science fiction superheroine Stormy Tempest! Watch it now! Starring Nicola Rae, Pierce Knightley, Ryan Miller, Cliff Weikal, Brenner Kaiser, Richard Shoner, Andrew Stam, Chris Casteel and Aliya Hayes. Produced and Directed by Bill Black.

Runtime: 20 Minutes (plus credits and a preview of upcoming scenes from future Stormy Tempest episodes)
Windows Media format: 864×480 widescreen