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Sexy, sci-fi heroine STORMY TEMPEST returns in an all new, action-packed interstellar comedy adventure…but this time STORMY and her wisecracking companion S.H.I.P. may very well have met their match! Ambushed by the not-quite-notorious bounty hunter Clayton the Sleeper (played by Pierce Knightly ), STORMY soon finds herself stranded on the surface of a jungle planet teeming with strange critters and alien monsters. Robbed of her suit’s technological weaponry, STORMY must use her wits and fighting skills to survive a cat-and-mouse chase with a powerful adversary…and avoid being eaten by prehistoric beasts! Clayton the Sleeper relentlessly pursues his prey with an arsenal of steampunk gear that includes a wrist-mounted, power-sucking tazer, flare cannon, stun pistol, cloaking device. sword, “monofilament nano-weave” snare and tranquilizer spray. Clayton must have a bit of a crush on STORMY, but he’ll stop at nothing to collect that bounty…and add STORMY’S mask to his string of trophies. The stunning NICOLA RAE returns as STORMY TEMPEST in Bill Black’s latest cult epic, STORMY TEMPEST: UNMASKED, a unique blend of Barbarella, Space Patrol … and Gunsmoke? Toss in some dinosaurs, a little cleavage and a lot of laughs and this one’s got it all! Produced and directed by Bill Black; SFX and script by JohnJG. Plus- photos and trailers for upcoming STORMY episodes! Also- an episode of the classic SPACE PATROL TV show- “Hidden Treasures of Mars”, starring Ed Kemmer. An all-ages, regions-free presentation in NTSC format, on a single DVD-R that should play on any standard DVD player. “Unmasked” runtime is 39 minutes; total Widescreen DVD runtime is 1 hour and 52 minutes. Released on DVD by CultRetro in 2012