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Season 2: Episode 3
Great Caesar’s Ghost! It’s all-out war, mayhem and destruction! Stormy Tempest Season 2 continues with our most explosive episode EVER! Stormy Tempest (Nicola Rae) acclimates to the 21st century as she discovers a few of the modern era’s simple pleasures. Meanwhile, her dreamscape avatar tries to heal from the Gorla Monk’s mental assault by attempting to recover her lost power belt, resulting in a “climactic” revelation. And a twist of fate puts a 26th century alien weapon of mass destruction into the hands of Lacey Slater (Aliya Hayes) making her faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Don’t miss this unparalleled display of super strength, invulnerability, speed, heat vision, flight and much more as Lacey takes out an army of evil Gorla Monks. This is easily our most spectacular battle sequence yet! This episode features over 130 visual FX shots and superheroine action unlike anything seen before!

Starring Nicola Rae, Aliya Hayes, Pierce Knightley, Ryan Miller, Cliff Weikal, Chris Casteel, Brenner Kaiser, Richard Shoner, and Andrew Stam. Script, editing and effects by JohnJG. Cinematography by Bill Black. Directed by Bill Black and JohnJG

Runtime: 22 Minutes (not including credits, outtakes and your first look at the Season 2 finale)
Windows Media format: 864×480 widescreen format