21st Centurions graphic novel in November

All-ages comic book fans will be in for a treat in November with the release of the trade-paperback, graphic novel compilation of artist/writer Stephanie Heike’s self-published 21st Centurions teen superhero/science fiction series, “21st Centurions: New Clear Day”. Six years in the making, this full digital color GN on glossy paper collects issues 0, 1 & 2  of the regular series, with additional never-before seen material and previews for upcoming storylines, and  is being released by Ms. Heike’s own Centurion Premiere Publishing company.  In an industry overwhelmingly dominated by men, Stephanie is a unique multitalent who not only writes and draws her own original creations (currently under review for licensing to other media in Hollywood) with 21st Centurions, but publishes them as well. Plans had tentatively been underway for some time to rework the original 21st Centurions comic book series into a bookshelf volume, but the hectic pace of Stephanie’s freelance schedule ( check out AC’s FEMFORCE #156  for her most recent “outside” scripting job, and virtually EVERY FF issue going back to #137 for a writing, penciling or cover art contribution.), kept pushing it onto the proverbial back burner.  That is, until Diamond Distribution came a-calling with their “Unsung Heroes” promotion for  November 2012, set to give a special push to superhero products from publishers OTHER than Marvel or DC. With a special spotlight from Diamond locked in, it was too good an opportunity to pass up, and Steph made the time to pull the project together. What’s it all about? Heroes in training, mad scientists, super-villain boy bands, killer robot cars and a mysterious mentor with his own hidden agenda. It’s a next generation superhero graphic novel that drives home the “anyone can be a star” vibe of the post-American Idol world. It’s still available for advance reorder from Diamond Distribution through your favorite comic book retailer, using DCD item code SEP110963.



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4 thoughts on “21st Centurions graphic novel in November
  1. jim johnston

    My Previews ordered copy arrived safely.I think it deserves to be mentioned that (to my eyes ) this book does the best job in comics of creating and explaining how super heroes would operate in a “real world ” not unlike our own.Their powers come from technology and the heroes are very much concerned with their image/public persona and the bottom line and maintaining their monopoly and extending the franchise In short they are more like a business venture that wants to maximize profit and keep the stock holders happy and much less like an altruistic enterprise whose main concern is to simply help people. ( I note that the story does feature a character like that -Tiger Lily and that the “established ” heroes see her as a threat and work hard at turning public opinion against her.)
    I also note that the leader of the new super villain team seems to have politics which I really like as well as a(possibly justifiable) axe to grind with those establishment heroes.
    The art is uniformly excellent with some really interesting images
    This book is really worth a look.

  2. Mark Holmes

    The recent misfired Wonder Woman pilot touched on Stephanie’s concept. In the episode Wonder Woman not only was a superheroine but also a brand name marketed to the public. I thought of the 21st Centurions and chuckled when I saw this. The writing on the show was terrible and I glad it was not picked up. Stephanie did a much better job bringing this concept to life.