A New Holiday Classic by Mark Heike

Rare Exports box artBefore the season gets too far behind us, I want to revisit the concept of holiday video and movies. We happened to see a new film this year that Steph and I think may have the potential to become a new Christmas classic- for us, at least. No, I’m not rescinding my classification of the Alistair Sim version of “A Christmas Carol” as my favorite Yule movie ever,  but we had a chance to view an unusual little movie called “Rare Exports”, and it brought a new dimension to seasonal movie entertainment. If you can imagine an effective  Christmas-themed horror film that STILL has a happy ending, this is it. It actually effectively combines the heart-warming, Christmas Eve crisis that the cute little kid has to avert with a post-modern “slash”-type horror film (with 99% of the gore offscreen, though) built around a goofy Christmas -legend-that-never-was. Filmed against some awesome winter scenery in Finland, only part of the film is in English, I have to warn you- but it was a lot of fun. It should appeal to people who love Christmas movies- and people who hate them, as well. 



And just to mention a pair of other excellent foriegn films of recent vintage- the original Swedish version of the vampire story “Let The Right One In”- it’s subtitled but really quite compelling; and a very Hitchcockian Australian film called “The Interview”. It stars Hugo Weaving, the Red Skull from the Captain America movie, as well as the main bad guy from all the Matrix films. And being Australian, there is obviously no language barrier. See any of these movies if you get the chance.



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One thought on “A New Holiday Classic by Mark Heike
  1. Mark Holmes

    There is a spaghetti western made in the mid 1960’s called “A Pistol for Ringo” that takes place during Christmas. In the very beginning of the movie two gunmen cross paths in the street. They stop, face each other, then shake hands and wish each other a Merry Christmas! This kind of scene happens thru out the movie. There is also a lot of shooting.