March 7, 2012

A Project That Rocks by Mark Heike

Rock Bakers GN cover sketchAs some of you may have heard, our star artist Rock Baker  is currently hard at work on a mysterious “outside” project. Though understandably tight-lipped about the details (since he has not finaliized negotiations with a publisher yet), Rock has disclosed that it is a graphic novel which he will be writing and drawing, the cover of which can be seen at left. We’re quite proud of the master storyteller and draftsman Rock has grown into (owing completely to hard work, study and dogged determination on his part). It seems only yesterday that he turned in the pencils for that first Marla Allison back-up story (in Femforce # 141), but it has been years now that he’s been turning out stellar work for us. We couldn’t be happier that he’s ready to spread his creative wings and take on a project of this magnitude. Rock has also assured us that work on his graphic novel should not impinge on his AC assignments. Check out the pages he’s just turned in on the BLACK VENUS story  that will appear in FEMFORCE #159, within the body of this post.  For our part, we’re going to try to give Rock assignments with plenty of lead-time to allow him maximum flexibility to make progress on his GN project while still meeting AC obligations. As Rock feels free to divulge them, we’ll pass on details regarding his graphic novel progress right here, including when, where and how to order it. Of course, you can follow this development on Rock’s Facebook page as well.  And don’t forget- if you haven’t already ordered  your copy of FEMFORCE #159 (which ALL Rock Baker fans SHOULD, as it contains not only the BLACK VENUS story mentioned earlier, but also the conclusion of the two-part DINOSAUR GIRL saga Rock started in FF #158; an 8-page ROWENA adventure also penciled by Rock, AND at least one chapter of the FEMFORCE lead story illustrated by the talented Mr.Baker ), you can still place an advance-reorder for it with your local comic book retailer. Simply wander into your favorite comic shop, and tell the proprietor that you’d like to order FEMFORCE #159, DCD item #JAN120781, from the December issue of Diamond Previews. That’s all he’ll need to know to get your copy ordered so you’ll recieve it as soon as the book ships to comic book stores in April.