A Villainess With Teeth by Mark Heike

Wampyr by John Nadeau

Wampyr by John NadeauA mysterious new villainess will debut in Femforce #158.You’ve seen her in living color on the cover, as digitally painted by John Nadeau; now here’s a little sneak peek at what she’ll look like inside the book. Her name is Wampyr, and between that and the closeup (drawn by the incomparable Rock Baker) below you can probably tell what her gimmick is. But fear not, you KNOW the creative minds at AC Comics will put a twist on the character, and she’ll end up a to be a LOT more than she seems. Her introduction will signal the opening of a new chapter in the life and career of Laura Right, AKA Nightveil. Facing off against this new menace will lead Laura down a path that will change her destiny forever. It will be a long and surprising path, but like all journeys, it begins with a single step, and that step in taken in FF #158.  We are Wampyr close-up by Rock Bakerbeginning production work on the book right now, so you can expect it to ship to Diamond Distribution by January 20. It normally seems to take 3-4 weeks from that point until one of our books shows up in comic shops, so expect to see it in your store around mid-February. Thanks to all of you who ordered it through your comic shop, as THOSE are the sales we need to keep things rolling. Thanks ALSO to a number of folks who have already REORDERED it. Apparently, the big N.E.D.O.R. Agents promo from last issue led more than a few retailers to increase their orders for this book. (And remember, the ‘Agents will be back this issue, not only on the inside but starring in their own flip-book back cover, as well!) Wampyr full figure by Rock BakerMind you, if you HAVEN’T ordered FF #158 through your retailer yet, their is still plenty of time. March on down to your favorite comic book shop as soon as you can and tell him you would like to place an advance reorder on FEMFORCE #158, DCD item # OCT110756, from the November issue of Diamond Previews. That’s all your retailer needs to get you your very own copy. (If you are wondering what those “X”‘s all over Rock’s Wampyr art mean, it’s a bit of comics-production “shorthand”. That’s a signal to the inker that the penciler would like a certain “tied-off” area in the drawing to be filled in with solid black. This started off in the old, pre-digital days of comic prepress. When comic books were printed starting with one physical drawing on a piece of Bristol board, filling in the black areas on the drawing could become a tedious and time-consuming chore for the penciler. Not only that, but many times a heavy layer of graphite filled in on a drawing would keep the ink from bonding with the Bristol when the embellisher worked over it. When the inked pages were erased down to remove extraneous pencil marks from the art before printing, large areas of black ink sometimes “erased up” along with the pencil graphite. So this “X-ing” system was developed. Now that much of the preproduction process is done digitally, the original reasons for it are mostly gone, but the custom remains; understood by professionals and insiders.)



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3 thoughts on “A Villainess With Teeth by Mark Heike
  1. jim johnston

    Some might sat that vampires have already been “done to death”(and in many cases that is probably true)but I am confident you guys will bring us something new and different and unexpected.

  2. Mark Holmes

    I could see a new artist come up with a character called X. When the art comes back from the inker the costume is all blacked out.