December 2, 2011

Another New Art Star by Mark Heike

Scott Shriver Dino Girl inks Look for another artistic luminary to make his debut in FEMFORCE #158, inker Scott Shriver. Scott is new to the AC Comics lineup, but a veteran of the independent comic book scene, having worked on series like The Holy Knight, Assassinette and The Venger. Scott’s slick and precise inking will debut in #158 over both Eric Coile’s pencils (on Stormy Tempest) and Rock Baker’s (on Dinosaur Girl), which really shows his range. Check out this preview page from #158 and see if you don’t agree. We already have THE best inker/embellisher in comics today working for us in the person of Jeff Austin, and we think that Scott will soon prove to be almost as versatile and multitalented as the great Mr. Austin. Speaking of Jeff, since HE made his AC debut way back in FEMFORCE #120, he has had work (be it inks OR pencils) in EVERY issue of FEMFORCE since- a full thirty-seven issues in a row!! That’s got to be some kind of a record!! Jeff has plenty of fans among avid AC readers, none bigger than those of us on the editorial staff. We’re confident that the same will be true of Scott Shriver in no time at all!! If you haven’t ordered FF #158 with your local comic book retailer, there’s still time. Just tell him you want a reorder on FEMFORCE #158, DCD item # OCT110756, from the October Previews catalogue, for items shipping in December.