Hidden behind the dark side of the moon and away from the detection of telescopes and satellites, a small fleet of alien starships orbited the shadowy path around the Earth. Inside the command ship, Fleet Commander Crigen convened a final meeting to brief his battle plan to pillage the Earth. The alien force was none other than the evil Nyrians, long time opponents of the planet Rur, the homeworld of FemForce heroine Stardust.

The Nyrians were a warlike race, possessing a large, rotund appearance with green, slimy skin and hostile looking visages and bearing one eye. Renowned and priding themselves throughout the galaxy as male chauvinists of the highest degree of obnoxiousness known, skirmishes between them and the warrior women of Rur was frequent throughout history. Here and now, however, they focused their attention on the small, third world from the sun in a section of the Milky Way galaxy known as Earth.

“All is ready, sir,” said the Nyrian officer.

“Good,” bellowed Commander Crigen as he stood tall to brief his field officers, pointing to a three-dimensional hologram generated that illustrated his battle plan.

“As you know, we have identified a window in between Earth satellites and radar systems, a virtual surveillance dead zone. An advanced strike party will land there, a small island off the coast of a place the Earthlings call ‘the Pacific Ocean’, to establish our base. From there, we will be able to send down the heavier battle machines to establish our foothold for us to drive deep into the Earth’s core, drawing out its geothermal energy into our power cells,” said Crigen. “Within a few days, we’ll be tapping Earth’s core of primal energy.”

“Excellent,” agreed the other Nyrian officers. “With Earth’s resources we will have all the energy we need to obliterate Rur once and for all.”

* * *

Tara Fremont and Dr. Carol Hessler arrived at a small, uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, as Tara landed the FemForce air cruiser down gently to prevent agitating the local wildlife. Dr. Hessler, better known to the world at large as the heroine Garganta, was the first to disembark, dressed in a simple set of beige khakis shorts, t-shirt, and hiking boots while Tara wore pretty much the same with the exception of her t-shirt being dark green.

“Well, here we are,” said Tara as she savored the crisp, ocean air.

“It’s beautiful,” commented Garganta. “I wonder why no one ever settled here.”

“It’s too small,” answered Tara. “Some ancient Polynesian tribes may have stopped here for rest as part of longer journey, but the island is less than a half mile in diameter. None of the trees here grow any fruit, either.”

“Well, when you put it that way I can see why no one stayed here long,” replied Garganta. “But you said that there’s something valuable here?”

“Yes,” said Tara. “You see, Carol, I recently read in a report translating old Polynesian chronicles telling about a wondrous herb that cured the sick. I printed off a scan of what the plant allegedly looks like, and was wondering if you could test a sample to see what kind of healing properties it had.”

“The ancient Egyptians discovered the healing properties of aloe, and even today we’re discovering rare plants in South America to treat cancer,” stated Garganta as she nodded to Tara. “Lead on.”

The two ventured into the jungle, searching for the elusive plant mentioned in Polynesian records dating hundreds of years ago.

“Why the interest in this island?” asked Garganta. “We must’ve passed another two on the way here.”

“They’re populated and being researched as we speak,” explained Tara. “But more importantly, this island is a prime candidate for being a new bomb test site for the Navy. It’s not an archeological site nor is it populated, making it a valuable commodity out here for the Pacific Fleet’s maneuvers.”

“And you want to make sure a possible cure for a disease isn’t blown to kingdom come,” said Garganta.

“Exactly.” said Tara as she momentarily stopped, visibly confused over a strange odor she suddenly detected.

“Do you smell that?” asked Tara.

“Smell what?” said Garganta.

“It’s like…petroleum…” replied Tara awkwardly. “Machines.”

“You said this place wasn’t inhabited,” said Garganta. “And the nearest Navy ship’s hundreds of miles away. Who could it be?”

“I’m not sure,” said Tara as she quickly removed her outer garb to her camouflaged bikini. “Wait here, I’ll check it out.”

While Garganta hid behind some trees and bushes, Tara stealthily worked her way through the surround jungle flora, concealing herself amidst the leaves as she climbed up the side of tree on a vine. Tara caught a glimpse through the leaves to see what was below, seeing what appeared to be an alien space ship around two hundred yards in length with strange, green, brutish looking aliens coming in and out of it as they were constructing something that looked like a generator of some kind.

“What on earth?” thought Tara as she eyes lit up. Suddenly, laser blasts riddled the tree as an alien on a rocket pack zoomed by, opening fire.

“INTRUDERS!” bellowed the Nyrian guard.

“Nyrians!” thought Tara as she leaped from the branch and grabbed a vine, swinging deeper into the forest to avoid detection. Tara had remembered seeing images of them from Stardust, but never thought they’d be on Earth.

Seeing more aliens rocket out of their starship in pursuit of Tara, Garganta immediately activated her powers, growing to around 50 feet as she stood towering over the palm trees and jungle flora. Garganta swatted away four Nyrians as they flew by in their rocket packs, knocking them down as they crashed down to the jungle canopy stunned.

“SIR! THE INTRUDERS! THEY’RE….GIANTESSES!” exclaimed another Nyrian guard.

“Hmm…superheroes, I believe they’re called on this world,” commented Crigen. “I want them alive…perhaps we can disect them to see that gives them their powers.”

“Yes sir,” said the Nyrian as he sent out the commands to the other Nyrian soldiers as they rocketed out the ship with their jetpacks to subdue Garganta. Setting their lasers to stun, several flew by Garganta and opened fire, raining beams of low-level energy that slowly began wearing her down.

“GET HER! SHE’S JUST A WOMAN!!!!” yelled a passing Nyrian.

“JUST a woman? Wrong statement, buster!” asserted Garganta as she knocked a few more Nyrians out of the sky. Tara then activated her own growth powers, rising to an intimidating 25 feet tall and began knocking the Nyrians around as well.

“Two of them?” said Crigen as he observed through the monitor as he ordered, “Activate the ship’s lasers and open fire, set for stun. Send in two more strike teams.”

As Tara and Garganta knocked several more Nyrian soldiers down, the barrage of stun lasers were starting to take effect as they were getting more and more worn down. What was even worse was that the weapons mounted on the ship activated and opened fire, releasing a smothering stream of stun lasers. Tara took the brunt of the blasts, dropping to her knees in fatigue as she struggled to fight off their debilitating effects.

“TARA!” exclaimed Garganta when suddenly another group of Nyrians emerged and opened fire, shooting streams of yellow energy that ensnared Garganta and Tara.

Tara and Garganta battle aliens by Fed Wong“UGH! TOO MANY OF THEM!!!!” grunted Garganta as the more and more energy bonds entangled around her, followed by another volley of stun lasers.

“GET….OFF…!!!!” yelled Tara as she kicked off two more Nyrians until finally another volley struck her, knocking her out cold as her powers deactivated, shrinking herself back down to normal size.

“AAARRRRGHHH!!!!” grunted Garganta as she strained to get free, until volley after volley of stun lasers impacted her, knocking her out as well as she reduced back to normal size. Tara and Garganta were sprawled out on the jungle floor below, as the Nyrians encircled around them.

taragarg“Bring them inside,” ordered Crigen. “And see to it that they do not escape.”

* * *

Over two hours passed as the effects of the stun lasers finally wore off on Tara and Garganta.

“Unnnnhhhh…” groaned Tara as she awoke, finding herself restrained to some type of lab table. Tara scanned around, realizing that she was inside the Nyrian vessel as Garganta began regaining consciousness.

“Ohhhhhh, my head,” muttered Garganta as she revived. “…where are we?”

“The alien starship, I think,” said Tara. “I can’t get out of these restraints…you?”

“No, I feel weak as a kitten,” replied Garganta. “They must have hit us with some kind of stun ray.”

Fleet Commander Crigen and his team of Nyrian scientists and guards entered. Tara and Garganta reviled at their hideous appearance and even more disgusting odor, turning their heads away in disgust.

“Oh, gross!” said Tara. “Slime creatures from outer space….”

“Silence, Earth woman! We are in charge now!” bellowed Crigen. “I am Fleet Commander Crigen of the planet Nyr, and you are our helpless prisoners!”

“How about untying us and we’ll show you first hand of just how helpless we really are!” retorted Garganta.

“I said silence, or do you wish to force me to stick an apple in your mouth?” asserted Crigen.

“Why are you here, Crigen?” asked Tara sternly. “Your group is too small for an invasion.”

“A wise observation, for a woman,” said Crigen. “But you are correct. We are not here to conquer, we are here to pillage, and in a short matter of your Earth days our construction will be complete, building our energy siphon to tap into the raw power of the Earth’s core.”

“You monster…” said Garganta bitterly.

“Sir,” said a Nyrian soldier as he entered, bringing in a console piece taken from the FemForce air cruiser Tara and Garganta used. “This was removed from their ship located on the other side of the island. Some of the technology indicates Rurian design.”

“RURIANS????!!!” roared Crigen emphatically as he turned, glaring at Tara and Garganta. “Where did you get this technology?”

“We stole it,” said Tara.

“You’re lying,” replied Crigen. “I have seen your kind before on this planet. You are heroines and do not steal.”

“Who said we were heroines?” replied Garganta, building on Tara’s hastily concocted story. “We’re on the run from the law and stole that ship as a getaway vehicle. Why else would we be on this remote island?”

“Hmmm….your words ring some truth, but I still do not believe you,” stated Crigen as he turned and looked at his two guards and two scientists. “Keep them here and begin your preliminary tests.”

“Yes sir,” replied the four Nyrians as Crigen left for the ship’s bridge.

The two Nyrian scientists began powering up their various pieces of examination equipment inside the ship laboratory. Cold sweat formed on both Tara and Garganta, seeing the various needles, probes, and blades being prepared by the Nyrian scientists as they sadistically grinned in eager anticipation.

Without warning, the lights went out in the laboratory, going completely black as Tara and Garganta struggled against the restraints, overhearing the sounds of punching and something slamming hard into the metal wall of the ship’s lab. When the lights reactivated, Tara and Garganta were surprised to see none other than She-Cat standing on top of the unconscious Nyrian guards and scientists, wiping off the slime from her hands with a cloth.

“Gross, couldn’t you have been captured by someone clean for a change?” replied She-Cat as she freed them.

“We’ll take that under advisement next time,” replied Tara as she sat up and got off the table.

* * *

Outside, Stardust and Ms. Victory were spearheading a surprise attack on the Nyrians. Stardust shot apart the ship’s weapon systems with a barrage of well-placed starbolts while Ms. Victory shredded the energy siphon components as she knocked the Nyrians back with large chunks of machinery.

Nightveil was flying overhead as well, unleashing a rain of magic blasts that shorted out the Nyrian’s rocket packs, making them crash back onto the ground like broken toy planes. Rayda hurtled a barrage of lightning at the ship’s engines, blasting it to slag within minutes followed by their communication antenna.

“SIR!” exclaimed a beleaguered Nyrian soldier. “Our defenses are completely down and have no way of talking to the rest of the fleet! What do we do?”

“Scramble all remaining teams for a counter strike,” ordered Crigen.

“Sir, we have NOTHING left!” said the Nyrian as the front console shorted out. “Our soldiers have been beaten and the ship’s weapons are destroyed….!”

Crigen glared bitterly out the window, seeing Stardust, a hated Rurian, fly again and again past them as she fired another starbolt against the remaining Nyrians. Crigen could also hear the exterior hull being ripped apart as Ms. Victory was forcing her way inside.

“We have no choice,” said Crigen angrily as he pulled out a small tool and tied a white cloth to it. Following what he knew of Earth customs, Crigen waved his makeshift white flag outside the canopy for all to see.

* * *

For the next several hours the Nyrians were being escorted to a small escape pod to be returned to their fleet under the eye of FemForce and a small retinue of troops called in from Rur. Crigen said nothing, ashamed by how badly beaten he and his forces were at the hands of some super-powered Earth women.

“So how did you get here so fast?” asked Tara. “We weren’t supposed to report in for hours.”

“Well, when those aliens found your cruiser, they must’ve tinkered with it, because a silent alarm kicked off and transmitted a distress signal back to headquarters,” explained Ms. Victory. “It didn’t take long to scramble a team together for Nightveil to teleport us over here.”

“So that’s how She-Cat got inside,” deduced Garganta. “I was wondering how it happened.”

“Well, whatever the case, they won’t be bothering Earth,” stated Stardust.

“Good. It’s going to take me at least an hour in the tub to get the stink off of me,” replied She-Cat.

“She-Cat, you actually touched one of those slimy Nyrians?” asked Stardust.

“Yeah, why?” asked She-Cat.

“Then I was wrong about you,” teased Stardust. “You really do have a stronger stomach than I.”



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