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Femforce Omnibus 1 cover

Femforce Omnibus 1 coverTwo AC Comics trade paperbacks that have been sold out and unavailable for some time are back in stock as of today in the web shop. Having been invited by our friends at Diamond Comics Distribution to be a part of their “Unsung Heroes” promotion in Previews last month gave us the distributor orders needed to go back to press with Femforce Omnibus Volume 1, and Men of Mystery #80. FF Omnibus is of course AC’s compilation series presenting the early issues of it’s long-running Femforce series reprinted in chronological order. Volume 1 includes the Femforce Special of 1984, the first issue of the ongoing series that started in 1985, and the rest of the stories from this landmark series’ first year of publication. If you missed Femforce Omnibus Volume 1 when it was first offered several years ago, now is your chance to get it. Men of Mystery 80 coverGolden Age reprint fans and historians know that Men of Mystery #80 was the first issue of the long-running vintage reprint anthology to adopt the 200+ pages, squarebound trade-paperback format. It was also the first to give an in-depth focus to a single topic; #80’s being the late, great Fawcett Comics superstar Bulletman, with over 100 pages of text and full-story reprints that tell the tale of this historic hero. If you’re interested in either of these books, you may want to act fast, as supplies are limited, and they MAY be gone again before you know it!


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One thought on “Back In Stock
  1. Jim Ludwig

    Great to hear AC getting some recognition as unsung heroes. As someone who was there from the start of Femforce I do not need the omnibus but hope it exposes others to this great series and they pick up the ongoing series which is always fun.