Bill Black is… The Shade!

Most of you know I have been making movies all of my life starting back in high school. A decade later while working at FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Media Center, several of my buddies urged me to make another. We had been inspired by the old serials being shown on weekends at FSU and decided to make our very own action serial. Many serials were based on comic book characters (ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL, CAPTAIN AMERICA, etc) so I decided to make a film starring MY comic book characters (from Paragon Publications… this pre-dates AC Comics) THE SHADE and SYNN- GIRL FROM LSD… eventually released on DVD as Sangor Syndrome: Bloodfiend from Outer Space.

Jump ahead another decade to 1983 and that October we held the very first AC Comics Halloween Party at the spacious AC Offices. Here THE SHADE made a live appearance.


Bill Black as The Shade

Bill Black as The Shade

 Actually it was just me wearing the costume from my FSU movie, BLOODSUCKERS FROM OUTER SPACE. Notice, too, in the photos, the very first appearance of NIGHTVEIL, that pre-dates Mary Capps Nightveil debut at COMICON. Yes, it’s Rebekah as NIGHTVEIL. Also Karen V. as SINGAPORE SAL, David Mathews as DR. RIVITS and John Beatty.



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