Bizarre Thrills TPB BACK IN STOCK!! by Mark Heike

Bizarre Thrills: The Paragon Pubs Story back cover art

 Bizarre Thrills: The Paragon Pubs Story back cover artBACK IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON THE AC WEB SHOP NOW!! We KNEW that the new BIZARRE THRILLS: The Publications Story TPB was a very cool book, filled with rarely-seen, historically-important early Bill Black stories and art. We knew long-time fans, completists and afficionados would love it. We knew it would likely sell well. But even WE didn’t expect it to sell THIS well! Customer activity on the AC shop purchasing this book has been virtually unprecedented. We thought we’d printed enough of an overage when we went to press with it to accomodate demand for some time, but we underestimated!! Now, if you placed your advance-order for this book with your comic book retailer months ago when it was in Diamond  Previews, not to worry. All preordered Diamond copies went out, and it will simply be a matter of time before the book works its’ way through the Diamond system and Bizarre Thrills inside front cover artmakes it to your retailer. If you comic shop-ordered it, you’ll get it. Also, Diamond sometimes “overorders” slightly, to take care of some folks who want to reorder just after a book like this ships through them. If you still want to try to get a copy through your local  shop, you can try placing a reorder with your retailer. The DCD number that you’ll need to give your retailer to attempt this is: DEC110767, from the December issue of Diamond Previews. Now, if you HAD intended to simply wait until the book was up on the AC web shop and buy it directly from us (as MANY have over the last few days), you certainly can- though this link. But you may not want to wait too long before you do that, as current quantities on hand are running VERY low.  Once WE sell out of copies, we will almost certainly be going back to press to print more, BUT that process could take weeks- or perhaps even a few months. (And please BT inside back cover artnote that when we DO temporarily sell out of BT:TPPS on our web shop, we will amend the listing there to make that clear. As long as you see the book up on the AC shop WITH a price listed and WITHOUT the words “sold out” at the front of the text, it IS available for immediate purchase online.)  But unless you are prepared to wait, you might want to act now, while a few copies still remain on hand. The images you see around you (taken from the book’s back & inside covers) should be enough to show you why this book is a must-have item for all AC and old-time Paragon fans. Our regulars know that we DON’T normally make any sort of a stink about some product “nearing sell-out”, but this one IS, in less than a week’s time up on the AC shop! So you may want to consider getting yours very quickly, or you may have to wait for a restock.


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5 thoughts on “Bizarre Thrills TPB BACK IN STOCK!! by Mark Heike
  1. Paul Allen

    Who trusts Diamond? I always order direct from your website. I just got my copy of Bizarre Thrills a few days ago — you guys did a fantastic job on it. Much bigger book than I expected — a bargain at $30! You say you have enough material to fill many volumes — please do so. Would love to see it become a series!

  2. Eric Johnson

    Congrats on the complete sell-out!

    Glad I had mine ordered from my sub service. Probably won’t see mine in the mail until it works it’s way through the Diamond system to my comics store, and then my monthly shipment of stuff…