Black Venus Returns In 2012 by Mark Heike

Black Venus by Brad Gorby

Black Venus by Brad Gorby The leather-clad aviatrix was always a favorite of the AC staff, and when we “revived” her (along with a number of other actual Golden Age heroes and heroines) in the Vault of Heroes/Shroud War storyline, we had always INTENDED to make her a regular part of the FEMFORCE supporting cast, and be featured as much as YANKEE GIRL, MISS MASQUE, CATMAN and KITTEN, REDDEVIL, GREEN LAMA, BLACK TERROR and all the rest- but we were never really able to find the right time or place. Oh, sure- she did her part in the Shroud War, making cameo appearances in FEMFORCE # 35 and 36, and hanging around in the background with the rest of the Vault Heroes in FF#58 and 59. The only BLACK VENUS solo stories we managed to squeeze out were in Cape And Mask #1 and in the  All Hero Retro Comics Annual #1– and those were both throwback stories set in World War II. The current “super-sized” FEMFORCE format (reminds me of the old DC 100 Super Spectaculars of the 1970’s) gives us enough space to redress this oversight, so this year you’ll see a series of all new BLACK VENUS back-up features in FF. They won’t leave her wartime past Black Venus by Jeff Butlerbehind completely, mind you- but you’ll finally get to see what this 1940’s flyin’ female transplanted into the world of today has been doing since she got out of the Vault.Mary Roche, who donned  black leathers and took to the skies as BLACK VENUS is a different kind of heroine- not operating on the same kind of plain as the more cosmic members of the AC universe, but we think you’ll like her rough-and-tumble adventures just the same. We’ll update you with more details as our plans on this begin to coalesce. And, if you’re interested in BV’s actual Golden Age adventures, we’ve reprinted a couple of those- in Good Girl Art Quarterly #15, and Men of Mystery #82.Cape and Mask #1 cover art


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  1. Mark Holmes

    “not operating on the same kind of plain as the more cosmic members of the AC universe”
    Black Venus…”plain”
    Nice one Mark 🙂