Cat-Man Ashcan 2

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ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!!!Stellar Brad Gorby cover starts off this tiny treasure trove, made up of TWO great Golden Age reprints, one being the first appearance of Kitten, the Cat-Man’s assistant, from Holyoke Comics’ Cat-Man #5; as drawn by Chartles Quinlan; AND the VERY FIRST Cat-Man story EVER, from his initial run in Tem Comics’ Crash Comics, in a story drawn by Irwin Hasen that originally appeared in Crash #4. Then; and all-new, never-before -seen story (set in the Golden Age) produced by writer/penciler Stephanie Sanderson, and inked by Mark Heike, “Kitten’s Nine Lives”, finally explaining the strange phenomenon that appeared to happen in the Golden Age storie wherin Kitten evolved from a prepubescent young girl into a mature young crimefighter, vitually overnight. A beautifully-realized “retro” story. 44 pages, black & white with color covers, 8 1/2″ X 6″ compact sixe, saddle-stitched. Printed in 1996.


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3 thoughts on “Cat-Man Ashcan 2
  1. Mark Holmes

    “Kitten’s Nine Lives” written by Stephanie Sanderson is one of the best “explanation” stories ever made. It cleverly ties the two reprsentations of the Catman’s sidekick together in a very neat way.

      1. Mark Holmes

        The Collected Works of Stephanie Sanderson-Heike. I’m down with that. Pigeon holing her as one of the best female comic writer/ pencilers is short changing her. She’s one of the best, male or female!