January 3, 2012

Countdown to Yankee Girl by Mark Heike

Yankee Girl Page 10That speed-demon inker Scott Shriver  has begun firing in finished pages on his collaboration with Eric Coile for the Bill Black-scripted story to appear in the upcoming YANKEE GIRL: STARS and STRIPES FOREVER one-shot coming early next year. Check out this page for a look at just how awesome this story will be.  In addition, Bill (Big Man) Black has started production work on a special Golden Age feature that will be in this book. We were not sure initially that we’d be able to make it work, but it looks like it’ll be a go. More details on it as we get closer to presstime, but rest assured that it will be a rare treat indeed!. Now don’t forget to toddle on down to your local comicbook retailer and order this book, as there is still time.Simply tell him you want Yankee Girl: Stars and Stripes Forever #1, listed on page 224 of the December issue of Diamond Previews, with a catalog product # of STY458154, and a DCD item # of DEC110766. Don’t forget, this tome will also feature another all-new, never-before-seen YG tale written AND drawn by the multi-talented Rock Baker; reprints of out-of-print & hard to find AC Yankee Girl stories from the 1990’s, and maybe even another surprise or two!! Speaking of that art fiend Rock Baker (who is about as fast a penciler as Scott Shriver is an inker- and it’s a good thing, too-) the titanic team of  Baker and Shriver will shortly begin work on illustrating an issue of The Saint for our friends over at Moonstone Comics. Be sure to watch for it in an upcoming issue of Diamond Previews. We’d almost be jealous of the Moonstone gang, if not for the fact that Rock and Scott are already working their fingers to the bone on SO MANY projects for AC, I can’t keep track of them!!