Crypt of Horror Volume 29

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Crypt of Horror Volume 29- BIGGER and BETTER than EVER!! Wheras a REGULAR issue of COH normally runs 140 pages, this SPECIAL #29 adds twenty on TOP of that- a FULL 160 pages of gruesome Pre-Code horror!! 25 full stories from vintage publishers including Toby/Minoan, Fawcett, Standard/Nedor, Star, Charlton, Bernard Bailey Pubs, Superior and others, with titles like: “The Obi Makes Jumbee”, “A Life For A Life”, “Corpses From The Sea”, “Death Takes A Hand”, “When Time Ran Out”, “The Weirdest Suicide Pact Ever”, “Special On Beet Soup”, “Test Of Terror”, “Fiend Of The Flames”, “They Are Watching You”, “The Dry Doom”, “Freak”, “The Mirror Of Mowgaladi”, “The Secret Of Planet X”, “Your Grave Is Ready”, “Idol Of Evil”, “Down By The Old Mill Scream”, “Ship Of The Walking Deadf”, “When The Shaman Walked”, “Creeping Death”, “When Death Takes A Hand”, “The Treacherous Genie”, “The Hound Dog”, “The Day Harrington Died”, and “The Planet That Wasn’t There”. Artists include Bob Powell, Jay Disbrow, Mel Keefer, Steve Ditko, Sheldon Moldoff, Bill Walton, Ken Bald, Lin Steeeter, Ross Andru, John Belfi, Myron Fass, Jack Sparling, Rocke Mastroserio, Gene Fawcette, Robert Baldwin, Bob Fujitani and others. Get this collection and enjoy some of the WEIRDEST horror stories comics of the 1950’s had to offer. A whopping 160 pages in glistening black and white with color covers; standard comic book size, saddle-stitched for $29.95. Printed in 2016.


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2 thoughts on “Crypt of Horror Volume 29

    I’m new to Pre-Code horror comics. The front cover to this collection is incredible!