Crypt of Horror Volume 30

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Crypt of Horror Volume 30 is now available; the latest installment in AC Comic’s heralded Pre-Code horror reprint anthology!! This big “Hyde and Seek” edition features vintage horror comics originally published by Fox Features , Ace, Ziff-Davis, Charlton and other great horror houses of the 1950’s, including such classic tales as “The Mystery of Lunablanca”, “The Dead Guard The Gold”, “The Ghost Who Stole A Body”, “The Doorway To Yesterday”, and “Creatures of Fantasy”, from Ace Comics’ The Beyond; “Monster of the Moat”, “Land of the Silicon Men”, “Diogenes’ Deadly Lamp” and “Nightmare Flight”, from Baffling Mysteries; “The Evil Men Do”, “Escape on a Planetoid”, and “The Princess of the Future”, all from Ziff-Davis’ Amazing Adventures; a special 25-page comic-format adaptation of “Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde” from Fox Features A Star Presentation (with art by Wallace Wod and Harry Harrison), plus “The Shadow”, “The Shrunken Head”, “Before the Dawn of Time”, “The Alien”, and “It’s Harmless…I THINK!!” Artists include Steve Ditko, Lou Cameron, Russ Heath, Mike Sekowsky, Bill Benulis, Max Elkin, Ken Rice, John Belfi, Richard Case, Rudy Palais, Frank Giacoia, Louis Zansky, Paul Gattuso, George Appel, Maurice Gutwirth , Vince Alascia and Jim McGlaughlin. A full 140 pages of classic comic book horror, black and white interiors with full-color covers, standard comic book size and saddle-stitched. $29.95 from AC Comics. Printed in 2016.


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