Darker Side of the Femforce by Mark Heike

FF159 Page 6 pencils by Eric CoileExpect a breath of fresh air in the upcoming FEMFORCE #159 (shipping in late April) when you see a couple of old friends in new places. Writer Chad Halcom has penned this issue’s lead FF story, “House Of Lost Souls”.  Chad has previously provided script and pencils on the Ms. VICTORY solo story in FF #136, and the GTS tales “Carry A Big Torch” Parts 1 and  2, in FF #’s 139 and 140, and “Growing Feelings” in FF #153. This time he’s paired with returning prodigal son Eric Coile on pencils (with Scott Shriver providing inks) on a story we think fans will soon proclaim a FEMFORCE classic.  Scott’s inks are popping up all over AC-land these days as he makes a bid to challenge Jeff Austin as World’s Greatest Inker Of All Time.  Eric Coile needs no introduction to long-time AC fans. Though out of touch for a stretch FF 159 Page 2 art by Eric Coile and Scott Shriveruntil recent times, he illustrated any number of timeless FF tales in the 1990’s. A particular favorite of mine was FEMFORCE #85.  His depictions of No-Nose Nannette and The Limbo Void therin have become the defining “look” for both, in my opinion. And speaking of Awesome Jeff Austin, don’t fret. AC’s own Court Jeffster  is ubiquitous as always this issue, doing finishes on Rock Bakers’s “Priorities of War” Part II DINOSAUR GIRL epic, the BLACK VENUS reintro story- and maybe more, if we can  pile additional inking work on his broad shoulders. Of course, Will Meugniot’s N.E.D.O.R. Agents will be back in another 10-page installment. PLUS a special 1-page origin of Pyroman, all of which is written, penciled and inked by Wonderous Will himself.  As always, it’ll be 80 pages of all-new, never-before-seen story and art, within a breathtaking Will Megniot color cover .All of you reading this already have your copies preordered- but if there is some Philistine out there who has not, there is still time. Simply saunter into your favorite comioc book shop and tell thye proprietor you’d like to order FEMFORCE #159, DCD item #JAN120781, from the January issue of Diamond Previews, and he’ll make sure you get it.



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