Femforce 157 – Gargantarama 20 Shipping September 2011

Femforce #157 – Gargantarama #20
$9.95, DOUBLE THICK 84 pages, extra-thick, saddle-stitched
Black & white interiors with full color covers.

Writer’s and Artist’s Names: Writers include Bill Black, Mark & Stephanie Heike, Eric Lindberg and Eric Johnson. Artists include Rock Baker, Eric Coile, Will Meugniot, Mark & Stephanie Heike, Jeff Austin and Eric Allen Nelson.
Intended Audience: All-ages fans and readers who like Silver-Age style superheroics as well as fans of classic “good girl” art and superhero comics in general.
Synopsis: The FEMFORCE shrinks to microscopic size and enters SYNN’S body to bring her reality-warping powers under control only to confront an unexpected menace there in the novel-length conclusion of “Living In Synn”!! Plus- STORMY TEMPEST, ROWENA, DINOSAUR GIRL and 1-900-GIANTESS!! Cover by WILL MEUGNIOT!! 84 PAGES!! ALL NEW!!
Special Notes: The longer stories that we have been able to produce since we have switched FEMFORCE to it’s current double-sized format have been a great hit with our fans, and this issue will continue that newfound tradition as we wrap up the mystery of SYNN’s out-of-control powers, a serial that has been running since FF #151. The extra-long conclusion will be illustrated by the FF’s top art team of penciler Rock Baker and inker Jeff Austin- a team of illustrators whose stock is rising industry-wide, as their client list continues to grow, evidenced by their recent Domino Lady issue over at Moonstone and forays into the commercial art realm doing DVD packaging. And speaking of hot artists, Eric Allen Nelson will be back. After drawing a couple of stories for AC last year, he’s gone on to Avatar where he’s made quite a name for himself. This issue, he illustrates writer Eric Johnson’s way-out and wacky heroine-for-hire Fantasia in a 1-900-GIANTESS adventure, and we think it’s his best work yet. Our other regular line-up of back-up features will be included in this issue as well, including the adventuress from the future, STORMY TEMPEST; by Bill Black & Eric Coile, And ROWENA and DINOSAUR GIRL, both illustrated by the aforementioned art team of Baker and Austin. As always, FEMFORCE remains the greatest value in comic books today, with all-new art and story throughout, not a single reprint!!



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