Femforce 161 Shipping August 2012

Retail Price: $9.95
Format: Standard comic book size; saddle-stitched
Page Count: 80 pages
Color: Black and White (with color covers)
Writers: Erik Matthews, Mark  Heike, Mark Holmes, Eric Coile, Eric Lindberg, Rock Baker And Artists: Rock Baker, Jeff Austin,  Eric Coile, Scott Shriver, and Mark Heike .
Cover Artist: Will Meugniot
Synopsis: A shocking family secret comes to light concerning MS. VICTORY and Jennifer Wayne-Burke (the “second” MS VICTORY) , NIGHTVEIL “fesses up” to Ms. V, and SHE-CAT, SYNN and TARA brawl with RAD in “Hot Fun In The Summetrime.” Meanwhile, unbeknownst to all, the villainous WAMPYR begins her plan for world conquest, and is confronted by a mysterious stranger who seems to know too much in “See No Evil”. SYNN operates solo as an undercover agent in “Book ‘Em, Synn”. Then, the beginning of an untold story out of the FEMFORCE files- the locale- Viet Nam. The Time: 1969. Get ready for a very DIFFERENT kind of retro FF story , “Welcome The Femforce”. Next- hot on the heels of the smash hit “Bizarre Thrills- The Paragon Publications Story” TPB, writer/artist Eric Coile gives us a “what if” story that teams heroes and heroines from the ORIGINAL Paragon Publications continuity as TEAM PARAGON in Part One of ” The Iron Claw of Fear”!! Finally, DINOSAUR GIRL is back in “A Day At The Zoo”, and ROWENA returns in “Doppleganger!”Special Notes: This issue ships in a 4:1 ratio of standard Will Meugniot cover to Will Meugniot AUTOGRAPHED cover. (meaning out of every FIVE copies of this book, ONE will be personally autographed by cover artist WILL MEUGNIOT at NO EXTRA COST!!) The family dynamic of Joan ( Ms. VICTORY) Wayne, leader of the FEMFORCE is a complicated one. Her current marriage to PARAGON, the “dean” of AC superheroes is her second . Her tempestuos relationship with her daughter Jennifer included Jen’s grooming as Ms. V’s replacement (as FF leader) by the US government while Joan was AWOL; and Jen’s eventual adoption of Joan’s former antisocial personna of RAD. When a mysterios youth (RENEGADE) entered the picture, claiming to be a laboratory-created “son” of Joan and PARAGON, the tension levels increased all around. Starting this issue, Ms. VICTORY and PARAGON are determined to get to the bottom of the RENEGADE situation- but in so doing, uncover something about Jennifer that NO ONE could have suspected, and it COULD rock the AC Universe to it’s very core. NIGHTVEIL has been uneasy since her unwitting release of the vampire/sorceress WAMPYR back in FF #158. The fact that she hadn’t TOLD her teammates about this potential menace hasn’t helped matters- and when WAMPYR mounts a calculated, clandestine attack aimed at global domination, can even NIGHTVEIL’s magic stop her  As always, it’ll be 80 pages of all-new, never-before-seen comic book story and art, blending action, glamor, drama, pathos and humor in the unique AC Comics manner, as rendered by the modern masters of “good girl” art in action- Rock Baker, Jeff Austin, Eric Coile ,Scott Shriver and all the AC regulars. Page for page, the BEST value in comics- FEMFORCE #161. Expect to see this book on the AC web shop on or about August 20; and your preordered copy in your local comics shop about the middle of September.



The Official Home of AC Comics : Comic Book Publisher. We publish the long-running superheroine comic, Femforce. We also publish Golden Age superhero and Horror reprints. We are now publishing Big Bang Universe here as well and hope to have other revivals and new series soon.

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4 thoughts on “Femforce 161 Shipping August 2012
  1. Mark G. Heike

    I know that we HAD announced a Will Meugniot signed version of FF #159 and then had to cancel it (because of problems with our distributor), but we have all of that smoothed out now, so the Will signed version of THIS issue will be a definite “go”. If you’re interested in it, make sure your retailer orders enough copies so you can be sure to get one of the signed ones.

  2. Jimjohnston

    I intend to order enough copies to make sure I receive an abundance of the autographed units.

  3. Mark Holmes

    I also intend to order enough copies to guarantee my autographed issue. Will Meugniot art looks great digitally,it actually looks alive when it is in your hands! The cover is a bonus, the meat of the book has me intrigued.

  4. Clark Chastain

    Really enjoyed #161. The Wampyr storyline continuation and “Team Paragon” being my favorites. Two suggestions for the future:
    (1) to an old fan like me it would be nice to see Atoman used again as he originally was in your comics: an effective but authoritarian powerhouse. Seeing him only used as a comedic jerk has become very old. (2) If it is legally possible seeing Dragonfly used again, even if briefly, in her glorious original uniform would be so neat.