Femforce 160 Shipping May 2012

Writers and Artist’s Names: Writers include Mark and Stephanie Heike, Eric Johnson, David Watkins, and Frank Tra . Artists include Rock Baker,  Jeff Austin, Chris Allen,Dan Gorman and Scott Shriver, Mark Heike and Stephanie Heike. Cover by Eduardo Barreto.
Intended Audience: All-ages fans and readers who like Silver-Age style superheroics as well as fans of classic “good girl” art and superhero comics in general.
Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched: TRIPLE THICK 84 page length, black & white interiors with full color covers. All new- NO REPRINTS; all stories- NO ADS!
Retail Price: $9.95
Synopsis: STARDUST is duped by her nemesis PROXIMA in a story from her Rurian days, while SHE-CAT faces a new menace at Mardi Gras; NIGHTVEIL angsts about the villainous WAMPYR and MS. VICTORY meets an old threat.   Cover by EDUARDO BARRETO. Look for this in your comic shop at the end of June.
Special Notes: The late, great EDUARDO BARRETO was working on this issue before his untimely passing late in 2011. Unfortunately, he was not able to complete an intended interior story for the book, but he DID contribute the book’s spectacular color cover. Inside of it, the sexy superheroines that make up the FEMFORCE fight solo this issue, in a series of adventures that spotlight the personalities and backgrounds of the individual members. Readers will get interesting insights on what makes each character tick- who they are, and how they tackle adversity in different ways- STARDUST out in deep space, SHE-CAT in the grimy back-alleys of a teeming metropolis, MS. VICTORY on the “main stage” of public opinion, and NIGHTVEIL within her own mind. As always, the BEST value in comicdom; more than 80 pages of ALL NEW material- no reprints, no ads.



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