Femforce #162 Now in Previews by Mark Heike

FF 162 cover art by Brad GorbyHustle on down to your local comic book retailer, because it’s that time- time to order FEMFORCE #162, the big AC COMICS 30Th Anniversary issue, now listed in the November issue of Previews, offering product scheduled to ship in January, 2013.  You DON’T want to miss THIS one!! In the early stages of planning this historic issue we coordinated with Diamond to discuss a few options. For awhile we were gung-ho about the idea of multiple alternate covers and a full color interior section, which you might have heard about on our websites or other blogs. All of this would have increased the cover price of the book to $12.95, which we ultimately decided NOT to do at this time in our ongoing effort to keep YOUR costs down. Femforce 162 will “hold the line” at our regular cover price of only $9.95, in our standard 80-page format, the best value in comics. There will only be one cover, but it will be a SPECTACULAR cover by one of the all-time Femforce greats- C. Bradford Gorby. There won’t be a color section, but you WILL get top-flight stories and art by the most skilled creators we can find who like to work in the classic AC COMICS spirit. We figured that all of our most die-hard fans tell us THOSE are the things that have kept THEM sticking with AC all these years, so if we’re really going to celebrate three decades of publishing comic books, we should do it by simply doing what we do best. First off, AC head honcho, boss and Creator Of All things Bill Black himself is scripting the lead story, “The Commandos Are Coming”. It will feature the whole team in a fighting frenzy, dealing with the return of Laura (NIGHTVEIL)Wright’s once-deranged love interest, The BLACK COMMANDO, and one of the great villainesses of the past, ALIZARIN CRIMSON!! Art on this soon-to-be classic will be handled by the team of penciler Eric Coile and Bill Black himself (with a liitle help from  Scott Shriver), so you know it’ll shine. While the rest of the team is off dealing with these menaces, events from last issue take an interesting turn as RAD and PARAGON are actually the first to learn of Jennifer Wayne-Burke’s “test-tube” origins, and you can imagine how well THAT will go over, coming on the heels of  RAD having her house leveled by the battle with the FF in #161. “Golden Years” is written by Mark Heike, with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin.  SHE-CAT (on a solo mission) must take down a pair of new supervillainesses in war-torn Afganistan, of all places; in “Nosey”, scripted by new writing sensation Mark Holmes, and drawn in a breezy, animation-style by new (to us) artistic sensation, Andre St. Amour. The second part of last-issue’s 1960’s-era FEMFORCE adventure wraps up hgere as SYNN takes an interesting hand in aiding the anti-war movement in “Tin Soldiers”, scripted by Erik Matthews, penciled by Eric Coile and inked by Scott Shriver.  Andre St. Amour strikes again this issue, with an untold story featuring a team-up of…wait for it…NIGHTVEIL and The BLUE BULLETEER!! How can that be- since they are BOTH alter egos of the same Laura Wright”? Read “The  Evil That Time Forgot”, written AND illustrated by Andre!! ANOTHER versatilr creator takes yet another bow this issues, as Eric Coile concludes his “elseworlds” exploration of Paragon Publications’ versions of popular AC/FEMFORCE characters as he wraps up TEAM PARAGON in their struggle to best The IRON CLAW. Written AND penciled by Eric, with inks by Bill Black and Scott Shriver.  There may yet be more surprises, as well- so be sure to tell your comic book reader you want to preorder FEMFORCE #162, in the Diamond Previews for November, covering products scheduled to ship in January; then expect to see your copy sometime in  late February.



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2 thoughts on “Femforce #162 Now in Previews by Mark Heike
  1. Jimjohnston

    Great stuff
    I am super max-ing out my order for this one.
    Thank you in advance for what is sure to be a landmark super special issue.