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Femforce 162 cover art by Brad Gorby

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It’s here- the big 30Th Birthday of AC Comics’ issue of FEMFORCE; FF #162!! And we’re celebrating with exactly what our readers love the best- wall-to-wall story and art starring AC’s classic “good girls” and their extended cast of supporting characters!! To start the book, AC head honcho (and creator of it all) BILL BLACK returns to pen the senses- shattering epic titled “The Commandoes Are Coming!” See NIGHTVEIL attacked in her lingerie!! See an old nemesis threaten the team!! See Laura Wright FINALLY reunited with her long-lost love, the BLACK COMMANDO!! See a piece of an alien planet, light-years away, transported to Earth!! See the return of NIKKI LATIMER!! And see the shadow of supreme evil hover over it all, in the start of an epic new chapter in FF history! Starring Ms. VICTORY, SYNN, NIGHTVEIL, SHE-CAT, STARDUST and TARA! Penciled by Eric Coile, and inked by Wild Bill Black himself, aided by Scott Shriver!. And as even as the girls deal with these dangers out of the past, Ms. V’s wayward daughter RAD strikes!! And when she does, it’s up to PARAGON (“Mr. Victory”), The SCARLET SCORPION and COMMANDO D to rein her in as she goes on a rampage over Downtown Orlando. You can be sure that thje result is a knock-down, drag-out donneybrook, but the REAL haymaker is tossed by tiny MYLA CHANG, leaving RAD and PARAGON to speculate on just HOW RAD came to exist, and what it may mean to Ms. VICTORY, in “Golden Years”, written by Mark Heike, with pencils by Rock Baker and Heike, and ink finishes by the great Jeff Austin. Next, the team-up you never thought possible, as NIGHTVEIL and The BLUE BULLETEER must work together to vanquish “The Terror That Time Forgot!” Coming to AC from the world of animation, triple-threat creator Andre St. Amour writes, draws and even letters an instant classic that will have you pondering the nature of time itself. Wait until you see Andre’s fresh and dynamic “take” on the AC/FEMFORCE universe! After that, the trip through time and alternate realities continues with the conclusion of “Team Paragon”!! See the startllng conclusion of the tale writer/penciler Eric Coile started last issue, as the Pre-AC/Paragon Publications versions of CAPTAIN PARAGON, SYNN, Dr. MARA and SCARLET SCPRPION band together to fend off the attack of the STEEL CLAW and his fearsome minions!! A satisfying resolution to this fascinating”elseworlds”-style take on what the AC Universe MIGHT have been like, had it continued as the PARAGON Universe instead. Inked by the man who created BOTH versions, AC’s own multitalented head man, Bill Black himself!! Then, sojourn on into the year 1970, for the conclusion of the FEMFORCE flashback tale set against the backdrop of the Viet Nam conflict that began in FF #161 with “Tin Soldiers”. The FF return from a goodwill tour of Southeast Asia to find tradgedy on a college campus in Middle America. While the rest of the team ponders semingly unsolveable conflicts, SYNN finds a unique solution, to ending tensions. Written by Erik Matthews, with pencils by Eric Coile and inks by Scott Shriver; and guest-starring The BLONDE BOMBER, RIO RITA, CAPTAIN PARAGON, and the corpse of Ho Ci Minh. Finally, it’s the snarling SHE-CAT in contemporary battlefield action as she fights alongside US military forces in the Middle East to stop two new villanesses in “Nosey”, scripted by Mark Holmes, with art by Andre St. Amour. Eighty pages of all-new, never-before-seen graphic storytelling done in the style AC readers have come to love over the past three decades. Standard comic book size, black and white interiors with color covers, saddle-stitched. It’s sure to sell out fast- get your copy NOW!! In fact, as a special anniversary treat, every copy of FF #162 purchased on the AC web shop before March 1st, 2013 will be autographed by Bill Black and Mark Heike at no additional cost!



The Official Home of AC Comics : Comic Book Publisher. We publish the long-running superheroine comic, Femforce. We also publish Golden Age superhero and Horror reprints. We are now publishing Big Bang Universe here as well and hope to have other revivals and new series soon.

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27 thoughts on “Femforce 162
  1. Eric Johnson

    A very enjoyable issue to read. And it was great to see Bill Black’s presence so strong in the issue, as is only appropriate for the 30th anniversary.

    I also liked the wide variety of art styles, giving lots of different interpretations of the FemForce characters. While “Golden Years” and “Tin Soldiers” have more the “core” style of AC, the more light-hearted “Nosey” and “Terror that Time Forgot” had a very distinct animation look from Andre St. Amour. And then the Team Paragon story had a style that fit well with the “retro” and “psychedelic” themes.

  2. Eric Johnson

    And now for some comments on the stuff in the stories where I should say “Spoilers ahead!” first…

    Just the stuff that stood out in my mind.

    – Jen took the big revelation about the clone situation quite well, considering. Interestingly, once Paragon put the facts before her, and began unraveling the mystery with her, she got much calmer, rational, and analytical. Given her current level of conflict and antagonism, rooted in being in her mother’s shadow, being told you are a clone might only aggravate those feelings.

    Now, on the one hand, I could see how this could just be the needs of the story, and the fact that things were moving into exposition and dialogue. Or just Paragon having knocked some sense into her. On the other hand, perhaps it shows just how much her mother Jen can be.

    Or perhaps Jen’s calm came from an almost epiphany like moment. It could be one of those revelations where “suddenly it all makes sense.” Jen may realize that a lot of her maternal conflicts a rooted in her and Joan being too much like her mother, deep down, in ways she doesn’t want to consciously acknowledge. Even more alike than a “normal” mother and daughter. And that all their messed up relationship is maybe NOT Joan’s fault, and Joan is as much a victim as Jen.

    Jen’s experience here is much like a person discovering as an adult that they were adopted, or their parents had hidden their ethnic background, or that the person they thought was their older sister was really their mother. It’s one of those moments that re-contextualizes a person’s entire life in retrospect, and suddenly a lot of pieces that didn’t fit all click into place.

    It will be interesting to see how this impacts Jen going forward.

  3. Eric Johnson

    More spoiler comment:

    So… in the AC Universe, the Vietnam war ended a bit differently, huh?

    That would create interesting historical ripples. Is there still a separate South Vietnam in that case? Is the impact of Vietnam on the American psyche different? Instead of being “the war we lost”, is it “the war we won, but the cost was too high” ?

    I know, I know, I’m probably overthinking things. It’s what I do, though. 🙂

    Still, it would be neat to have Synn visit Vietnam in 2013, and see what her efforts had wrought…

    Then again, maybe things got changed “back” when the timeline got messed with a bit back in FemForce 101-103.

  4. Eric Johnson

    -Cute idea with the Nightveil / Blue Bulleteer team up. Glad that BB figured things out in the end. It’s makes sense that Nightveil might under-estimate her younger “mortal” self.

    – “Nosey” was fun. With the focus on the military characters, it almost felt like it was from a comic about “Dizzy” and her fellow troops, and She-Cat was just a guest star. Which is actually kinda good, as it means we get to see a bit of a FemForcer from an “outsider” point of view. Oh, and “Dizzy” definitely makes “athletic military woman” sexy.

  5. Jim Johnston

    Just received my direct order copies today .
    I will try to do in depth reviews in the days to come , but for now I just need to say “Awesome Comic” This one knocks it out of the park. .There is nothing better or as good on the news stand comic racks to day

  6. Mark Holmes

    I’ve seen Gorby’s cover digitally but let me just say that the printed version held in your own hands is really something special. It has so much depth to it the figures look like they are coming off the page. A good solid issue starting with Bill Black’s editorial and ending with the classic Fun Comics cover printed on the back.

  7. Eric Johnson

    some more comments on #162

    lots of spoilers, as plot is discussed

    one thing I did find didn’t work for me was Alazarin Crimson posing as
    Nightveil again. Been done before. Admittedly, I did like the bit about
    the artificial Zaltair enviroment in the lab, both as a way to be a trap for
    the heroines, as well as a clever way to defeat Alazarin (as long as you
    have someone outside to drag you out).

    But with both it looking like a compromised Dr. Laitmer conspiring to bring
    the Black Shroud back (at least I assume that “Him”), and Alazarin Crimson
    impresonating Nightveil… I’m getting a strong feeling of deja vu.

    And wasn’t the Shroud dealt with pretty permanently and absolutely last time?
    When the Uber-god that all other lovecraftian elder god-things run away from
    says “you’re done”, that seems pretty decisive. Or did he just get a 5
    aeon time-out to think about what he’s done? 🙂

    To me though, Doc Feral seems to be a more interesting Big Bad to set up for
    the immediate future than a return to someone like the Shroud. Science
    rather than magic, and more personal conflict, rather than cosmic ambition.

    Just giving my perspective as a long-time reader. But, then, maybe there’s
    an interesting twist coming here, and I’m going to be more surprised and
    pleased than anyone.

  8. Chuck Tracy

    I usually dive right into FemForce (which I’ll talk about more momentarily) but it took me a little longer than usaual this time. It’s Brad Gorbys fault! I spent a good deal of time just staring at that cover.
    I was really glad to see such a heavy presence by Wild Bill himself in this issue. I know that with the market the way it is he had to work a lot on other projects and such, but I will admit that for a while I was somewhat depressed as it seemed to me that he had abandoned the FF and that never bodes well for a series.
    I’m not one for the “cartoony” art style as a general rule, but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed both of the features by Andre St. Amour. These just help to highlight the fact that AC is one of very few comic publishers that haven’t forgoten that comics are also supposed to be fun.
    Overall it is another great issue, which is what I have come to expect.
    I had mentioned that I normally dive right into FemForce. As a matter of fact when I get a new issue I end up stealing time here and there (sometimes when I shouldn’t) until I get the issue read. I have been repeatedly reminded that this is the ONLY series on the market today that I feel that way about. It’s also the only series that I end up picking up and going back through, or re-reading once I’ve read it.
    When the price went up to $9.95 I thought that was a little steep, but in reality it is a better deal (page wise) than what you get from the major publishers.
    I’m pretty tired of the major publishers rebooting their series and erasing all of the history and changing all the characters. I’m tired of big “crossover” events that are simply designed to try to get you to buy a bunch of other stuff that you don’t normally get in order to keep up with what’s going on. I’m tired of these major events that are so contrived and where characterization is completely ignored to set up or advance these events.
    In other words “Stay around AC, people who want good comics need a place to go”.

  9. Ben Herman

    I just picked up Femforce #162 today, and quickly read the entire issue. Really great work by everyone involved. I plan on doing a write-up on my blog within the next few days, so I’ll keep you fine folks at AC updated.

  10. Jim Johnston

    Regarding the “NOSEY” story ( written by Mark Holmes ,art and lettering by Andre St-Amour).
    I would like to make a few brief comments and observations.
    Spoiler Alert!
    I will go into some detail
    Though relatively short( 7 pages)in comparison to other stories in this comic, I thought this one was a very successful and entertaining story featuring some noteworthy and significant points quietly and skillfully worked into the narrative/adventure,as well as a lot of clever and first class art from an artist who is new to the pages of A C comics and and the Fem Force.
    As an aside I believe the title refers to a piece of art (a portrait of She Cat)painted on the nose of a helicopter, which figures in the story.
    Story wise – I was struck by the plausibility/”internal logic” of the story .That is to say everything happens for a reason and every reason makes perfect sense. I really like that.
    For example – Lt. Denise “Dizzy” Aziz a helicopter pilot and a lead character goes through the entire adventure clad in her form fitting eye pleasing gym togs .And the reason for this makes perfect sense and is very quietly worked into story . I thought that was a very good piece of story construction.
    I also want to specifically acknowledge that the story quietly makes the point that , a citizen with a Middle Eastern background can be just as loyal and patriotic and make just as good a soldier as any one.I especially like that.
    Another point that I want to acknowledge is that the story demonstrates that an American soldier can be just as effective a combatant as a super heroine and that neither one should be counted out when it appears they are over matched .
    To explain – in the story Lt. Aziz is drawn into the fire fight that erupts after she flies a combat team and an accompanying superheroine ( spectacularly revealed to be be She Cat) on a high priority mission that puts the American soldiers up against heavily armed insurgents and two “specials” ( super villains).
    – “Dizzy” confronts one “special ,a ninja with a super sword ,who dis arms the officer(and is about to decapitate her) while She Cat takes on the other special , ( a rather clunky but well endowed )cyborg, whose strength and power is on a par with Ms.Victory. That ” steam punk cyborg chubby mummy “( She Cat,s term for her opponent -the Feline Fury kept up with the wise cracks all through the story . I really liked that.) initially sent She Cat flying.
    But neither woman flinches or retreats ,rather each presses her counter attack and eventually triumphs.
    To my mind these dual confrontations point out that high technology and super weapons are important and useful , but in the final analysis it is the skill and courage (the “heart” ) of the individual that tips the balance .
    Art wise- I really enjoyed Mr St-Amour’s work . He really did an excellent job depicting the heroines and his style has a real sense of dynamism about it ( like we are looking a frame from a movie rather than a static image).
    I thought page five which depicts a full panel image of She Cat literally “busting out ” of her flight suit to reveal her identity as she confronts the “cyborg special” while in the back ground the “ninja special ” sneaks up on Lt. Aziz was a real showstopper” And a very well constructed image. But what I found the most impressive was the sequences on the fallowing on) and a half pages (pages six and seven)
    The first three panels on page five depict She Cat being thrown for a loop by the cyborg special .
    The middle three panels on that page show”Dizzy” having her hand gun sliced by the “ninja special”
    The action in each of the three middle panels are “mirrored” in the corresponding panel above . That is to say we see that what is happening to Lt.Aziz is exactly similar to what She Cat is going through at the time .
    This mirror action continues in the two bottom panel which separately show each heroine fearlessly and effectively launching a counter attack against their more powerful or better armed foe.
    Then on the fallowing (last)page in the top horizontal panel both heroines “share the frame” as they each deliver the knock out blow their “superior” opponents.This is a very well constructed panel (Speaking personally this is also a very satisfying panel and next to the previously mentioned Page five is my fave image of the story)
    I thought this “Mirror Image” sequence was very impressive and effective and really crammed a lot of energy into a small space . It was like we were looking at a skillfully edited clip from a well made action movie. I hope the artist will be able to feature clever and imaginative work like this in upcoming stories.
    The final panel depicting the heroines and the “nose art” was a pleasing and well thought end to the story.
    I hope my review has done justice to the art and story.

  11. Andre St-Amour

    Hello AC/FF fans!
    I must admit, I wasn’t too sure die-hard FF fans would care much for my “cartoony” art style. But so far, the responses seem to be very positive. Glad you all enjoyed my work.
    I’m working on a few new story ideas which, hopefully, Mark and Bill will approve for print. Wish me luck.

    1. Jim Johnston

      Your art is excellent and really suits the characters and the story . i hope to see more of your work in A C comics.
      I would like to acknowledge a couple of points regarding your art that I over looked in my initial review- both are on page 7
      In the double knock out scene in the banner panel at the top of the page I thought that She Cats double fisted uppercut was a really smart and appropriate move for the character and really looked impressive.And the way the villains got knocked out by having their skulls cracked together as a result of separate blows from the hard fighting heroines was a great image and an excellent realization of the writer’s vision.
      Well done. And ind ind in the fallowing panel I really liked Dizzy’s proud “hands on hips, head held high ” stance as she stands beside her commanding officer( no embarrassment at having to be in the field clad only in her gym togs) and note that this pose is echoed by She Cat’s stance on the opposite side of the same panel.
      Again well Done.

    2. Eric Johnson

      I think the FemForce fan base is pretty good about multiple art styles (or maybe I’m just projecting my own attitudes, I could be mis-judging here)

      A lot of AC fans have seen a lot of different art styles over the years. And many of them have an appreciation for both modern approaches, and classic golden-age styles.

      To me, the most important thing is that the art style matches the tone and feel of the story. I’ve seen this work well, for example, in the stories I’ve written for AC, which have been often in very different styles, by various artists.

    3. Rock Baker

      I for one loved the work you did on the BB/Nightveil story. I’ve always admired that cuter style of art with a more animated look. It’s harder than it looks!

  12. Ben Herman

    Here is my blog post about Femforce #162. I hope everyone enjoys it:


    In case anyone missed it, I also wrote about #160 a few months ago:


    Thank you all for taking a look. And, of course, a big “thank you” to everyone at AC Comics for doing duch superb work. I’m definitely looking forward to future issues.

  13. Richard Hancock

    Just received my copy today — my first ever issue of Femforce.

    I haven’t read it yet but I was pleased and surprised to see the lovely full-page Paul Gulacy illustration at the very end. Does anyone know where that comes from? (It looks to me like quite an old piece, based on how Gulacy’s style has changed over the years.)

    BTW, am I right in thinking the interior pages are laser-printed (e.g. print-on-demand)? Is that the way Femforce comics are normally printed?

    1. Chuck Tracy

      Here’s hoping you turned on the “Notify me by email of followup comments” when you posted as I haven’t seen any further posts from you (if Richard didn’t could you forward this to him Mark?).
      So, you’ve had a chance to read a couple of issues and I was wondering what a new reader might think and if it was something you have kept up with.
      There is always the initial period of getting to know the characters, but I think FemForce is one of those titles that is interesting and engaging from the start. Then there’s a lot of history to get into and it gets even more fun. And if you want some comics history (Golden Age) AC has a lot of that to offer as well.

  14. Richard Hancock

    TO answer one of my own questions: I just read the front inside cover: “Paul Gulacy’s NIGHTVEIL No. 1 cover on inside back cover.”

    According to ComicbookDB, that comic was published back in 1984.

  15. Lou Mougin

    A villain attacked Nightveil in her lingerie. How he got in her lingerie, we’ll never know.

  16. Jim Robert Bader

    So glad to see the Fem Force continuing after all these years. I’ve been a fan since back in the day and am gratified to find Good Girl artwork continues on into the present era. I hope that one day my own series, “Syrens,” carries on a similar theme when I finally get it ready for publication.