Femforce Coverage In 2013 by Mark Heike

Paolo Bodini cover painting sampleNow that we have finally come up with a workable system, AC Comics is planning a number of alternate covers for issues of FEMFORCE coming up in 2013, and the talented artists who will be producing them come from all corners of the globe!!  Italian illustrator Paolo Bodini, who has produced a ton of great comic book cover work on the European series “The Yellow Monadori” is working on his preliminary FEMFORCE sketches even now. Check out the piece at the top of this article for an example of his awesome painting skills. From the Great White North of Canada, the dynamic Eric Theriault (remember the great chapter he drew in the now-classic FEMFORCE #150? He’s also penciled a killer BLUE BULLETEER story that you’ll be seeing shortly) has done a cover piece starring MS. VICTORY and TARA. See Eric Theirault Femforce cover pencilsthe pencils to same below. But, our regular cast of contributors from here in the good ol’ USA are amply represented as well. We have several alternate covers already “in the can” from Eric Coile, a beautiful STORMY TEMPEST by John Nadeau,  a Brad Gorby BLUE BULLETEER, and even a “classic” Ms. VICTORY by the team of Will Meugniot and Jeff Austin.  We also hope to revisit the idea of offering a “remarked” cover option which would be an actual original pencil sketch by an AC artist on the inside cover of a certain percentage of a given issue’s cover. If you fan’s had your druthers, WHICH AC staffer/freelancer would you MOST like to see doing the original sketches? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do!!



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3 thoughts on “Femforce Coverage In 2013 by Mark Heike
  1. Mark Holmes

    Really like the “remarked” edition. My vote is for Rock Baker as the go to artist for any “remarked” editions.

    1. Rock Baker

      Thank you, Mark! I’d certainly be interested in the idea! As for my vote, it would be in favor of Eric Coile or Will Meugniot.

  2. Jim Johnston

    We can only choose one?
    This is a really tough choice .
    There are so many excellent artists on deck .
    I like them all .
    But all things considered ,I would vote for you Mark.
    I hope no one is upset by my choice.