Free Art From Will Meugniot!

N.E.D.O.R. Agents contest image

No, this is not a scam! To promote his new N.E.D.O.R. Agents series (currently running in every issue of FEMFORCE) Will is running not one, not two, but three separate contests, the prize for winning each being a piece of his own hand drawn (and inked) original comic book art. Check out the color graphic here for the three ways that fans and retailers can qualify to win one of Will’s masterpieces. Of course the one that we at AC Comics like best is the one that involves ordering copies of FEMFORCE #157 (which contains the N.E.D.O.R. Agents first full-length adventure). Tell your retailer you want to order FEMFORCE #157, DCD item #JUL110775, from the July Diamond Previews catalog for items shipping in September. Nightveil explains the N.E.D.O.R. AgentsYour retailer will tell you that particular book has already shipped, which is true, but this contest is for reorders, so simply follow the instructions above and place a reorder for FEMFORCE #157 today. Each copy purchased gives you a chance in the drawing for Will’s original drawing as pictured in the color graphic. Now Will’s pieces usually go for very high prices, if you can find them on sale at all, so we couldn’t even guess what the dollar value of these giveaway pieces might be. Another key fact to remember is this: reorder sales come in much lower than initial sales. If every copy that you buy entitles you to one chance in the drawing for the original,  well anyone who enters this contest will have a ridiculously high chance of winning; and the more copies you order, the better your chances become! It’s simple mathmatics, so you don’t want to miss out on this! Already got your copy of the book?  You can still enter the cosplay contest, or go to your favorite comic book shop with a sign and your digital camera and enter the “I Want My Nedor” sign photo contest. That’ll get your comic shop a little publicity, too! We are currently finalizing the details on just how this promotion will run with Diamond Distribution. As soon as we have that straight, you’ll see the official rules here and on the social media site.


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2 thoughts on “Free Art From Will Meugniot!
  1. jim jonhston

    I have already maxed out on my order, before I found out about the contest ,but I will try to organize a re-order on Monday (I hope I am not too late
    Jim J