Golden Age Glamor- New Title Coming In October!!

Golden Age Glamor Volume ! cover art

Golden Age Glamor Volume ! cover artThe glamorous pin-up style “good girl” art that originated in comics’ Golden Age has been an inspiration to AC Comics from the beginning. In recent decades, we’ve even been able to bring reprints of many of the actual GGA stories themselves before a modern audience,  paricularly when that approach was used on costumed superheroines. We’ve shown our readers “good girl” art jungle stories, science-fiction and even Westerns at times. But we’ve never really had the proper oulet to present examples of great comic book glamor art that did NOT fit into the standard genres we explore, and a lot of the BEST GGA of the 1940’s and ’50’s was in crime, humor, adventure and even romance comics. So, GOLDEN AGE GLAMOR was born! It will be an ongoing, quarterly trade-paperback series celebrating sexy, glamorous females drawn in comic books. No matter WHAT kind of stories they were featured in, we’ll bring them to you. In addition to stand-alone stories from vintage crime, romance and horror anthologies that may feature particularly well-rendered examples of the female form, we’ll be selecting top episodes from ongoing series’ across a broad spectrum. We’ll go wherever the glamor is!! Be prepared to get a healthy dose of Fiction House material in the jungle, science fiction and action/adventure modes, reprinted from Jumbo, Jungle, Planet and Fight comics; teen/humor material like CHOO CHOO, TORCHY and CANDY from the Quality Comics’ stable; reporter/detective/policewoman strips like SALLY the SLEUTH, UNDERCOVER GIRL, SALLY O’NEAL, JILL TRENT, JOAN MASON BETTY BATES  and MOLLY O’DAY; and even costumed types like BLACK VENUS, BLACK ANGEL, LADY LUCK, WOMAN IN RED, PANTHER WOMAN; KIT WEST, CANTEEN KATE and every possible permutation in between. It will be top-shelf vintage “good girl” art across the board, in stories never previously reprinted, in every issue of GOLDEN AGE GLAMOR, as drawn by masters of the form including Matt Baker, Ogden Whitney, Bill Ward, Al Bryant, Bob Lubbers, Jack Kamen, George Evans, Klaus Nordling, Jill Elgin, Frank Bolle, Nina Albright, Ruben Moriera, Harry Sahle. Frank Frazetta and others. One point we might like to make clear at the outset, however: since this is going to be a squarebound, bookself series; additional printings are unlikely due to the added expense of this form of binding. Back-issues may sell out quickly and become high-priced premiums. If you think you may want to folllow this series, we strongly suggest that you order it from your local retailer. Once the initial printing (based on comic shop preorders) is sold, AC Comics may not be able to supply back-issues after the fact. So be sure to order your copy of GOLDEN AGE GLAMOR Volume 1 at you local comic book retailer when it appears in Diamond Previews in the  August,Voume 23, #299 edition, listing products scheduled to ship on October of 2013. The book will be a perfectbound, trade-paperback of more than 200 pages, with black and white interiorsand full color covers, for $34.95.


The Official Home of AC Comics : Comic Book Publisher. We publish the long-running superheroine comic, Femforce. We also publish Golden Age superhero and Horror reprints. We are now publishing Big Bang Universe here as well and hope to have other revivals and new series soon.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Age Glamor- New Title Coming In October!!
  1. Chuck Tracy

    WOW! This looks like it’s going to open up a whole slew of stuff that I’ve never seen before. We get to see the golden age costumed heroes (mostly, and definitely the best, from AC) but there is so much other stuff out there to be curious about that was all part of the golden age as well. I know that if Bill had his way Best of the West would still be going, but I think there is a lot of golden age history that is being lost or forgotten because AC is the only one putting out books like this. Thank You!

  2. Al Stone

    I totally agree Chuck, and couldn’t have said it better. I’ve been an AC fan almost from the beginning, and unless you want to pay real big bucks for fair copies of the originals, (if you can find them), then this is the only place you can find such great original treasures of days long past. To say nothing of the articles and comments put in to help us learn about these heros of yore, by the old historian maestro himself, Bill Black. Long live AC Comics.