Golden Age Greats Spotlight Vol. 10- The Comic Book Art of Bob Powell Shipping June 2012

Retail Price: $29.95
Format: Standard comic book size; saddle-stitched
Page Count: 160 pages
Color:  Black and white
Intended Audience: All ages
Genre: Action adventure/superhero/history- it is Golden Age reprints of various genres
Writers : Bill Black, Bob Powell, William Woolfolk, Otto Binder, Ray Krank, Paul S. Newman
Artist: Bob Powell
Cover Artist: Bob Powell
Synopsis: Legendary artist BOB POWELL is spotlighted in this volume focusing on his action/adventure features, reprinting classic strips like  DOC SAVAGE, The SHADOW, NICK CARTER, BLONDE BOMBER, Dr. NEFF, SRIRIT of ’76, D-13 SECRET AGENT, Mr. MYSTIC, MAN IN BLACK and JET POWERS  plus POWELL “good girl”art galore; war, sci-fi and romance stories. Look for it in your comic shop around the end of July.
Special Notes: Bob Powell (actually born Stanislav Robert Pawlowski) was one of the most gifted and prolific artists to come out of the early days of comic books. Starting nearly at the beginning in the famed Eisner/Iger shop in the late 1930’s, he drew (and sometimes scripted) a number of features that the art shop packaged, including Sheena for Fiction House Comics’ Jumbo title; the first (but certainly not the last) buxom, Amazonian heroine he would visualize. Through the early Golden Age, his work appeared in comics published by Fox (Yarko, in Wonder World), Timely (on Tough Kid Squad, Captain America and All-Winners), Quality (Loops & Banks, in Military Comics), Fiction House( Gale Allen, in Planet) and Harvey (Spirit of ’76, in Pocket Comics) anong others. After military service, he returned to the drawing board as a freelancer (eventually forming his own small “shop”) working for Street and Smith on The Shadow and other features, and renewing his relationship (it would be a long one) with the Harvey family, working on various strips including his signature Man In Black series, Shock Gibson, Black Cat and others, in addition to drawing Westerns and other types of books at Fawcett.  As the 1950’s would dawn, he expanded his regular clients to include Magazine Enterprises (where he drew Cave Girl, Strong Man, Lemonade Kid, Bobby Benson, The Avenger and many others) Prize Comics and Charlton. During the horror/SF trend of comics in the mid-1950’s, his bold brush line, expressive faces, realistic backgrounds and expert use of shadow made him one of the masters of that genre. As the horror boom went bust, Powell segued into a long tenure with Sick Magazine doing humor and parody material, and a little work on the Archie  Adventure line of 1959 with The Fly. He also did extensive work with Topps on their non-sport and novelty cards, including the storied Mars Attacks card series and Wacky Packs. The mid-1960’s found Powell working for old associate Stan Lee during the Marvel Age of comics, penciling adventures of Giant Man, Daredevil, The Human Torch and The Hulk, before his untimely passing in 1967. A true stylist whose unique art approach is immediately recognizable and inimitable, his work has been collected and prized for years. In 2011, IDW publishing released an excellent book (written by Craig Yoe ) on Powell that covered his life and focused on his excellent horror comic book work of the early 1950’s. But there was so much more to Powell than that- and our Golden Age Greats Volume 10 will explore all those other aspects of his comic book career. If you already have the Craig Yoe book, rest assured, you will see NOTHING that was in THAT book here, as we delve into the heroic action and “good girl” art aspects of the career of this great comic book illustrator.


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