Golden Age Greats Spotlight Vol. 9 – Cat-Man and Kitten Shipping May 2012

Writers and Artist’s Names: Writers include Charles Quinlan. Artists include Irwin Hasen, Charles Quinlan, Bob Fujitani, Maxwell Elkans, Don Rico, Rudy Palais and John Dixon. Cover by L. B. Cole.
Intended Audience: All-ages fans of Golden Age superhero reprint material; art aficionados, comics historians, collectors of bookshelf compilations and fans of classic action, adventure and superhero material and devotees of the pop culture of World War II America.
Format: Standard comic book size; saddle-stitched, ULTRA-THICK 140 pages, black & white interiors with color covers.
Retail Price: 29.95
Synopsis: Holyoke’s crimefighting duo are covered in depth with more than a dozen vintage story reprints, including CAT-MAN’s first appearance, the “origin” of KITTEN, a selection of the BEST stories from the U.S. AND Australian series’, PLUS never-before-reprinted “Little Leaders” adventures starring KITTEN. Look for it in your comic shops at the end of June
Special Notes: Initially created as a hurried knock-off of BATMAN, The CAT-MAN strip soon developed a unique flavor of it’s own- due to the bizarre menaces he faced and the unique relationship he shared with his partner-in-crimefighting, KITTEN. The original series, published under various house names (TEM, Helnit, Holyoke, Continental) initially gained a fan following due to cover art late in the title’s run by the highly collectible L. B. Cole, but many of the INTERIOR stories ( distinctively illustrated by Bob Fujitani, Charles Quinlan, Maxwell Elkans and others) are quite mature and involved for Golden Age fare, and are quite excellent. A number of the bery best of those (featuring arch-nemesis Mr. Peccary and Dr. Macabre) are included in this volume. When the original American series ended in 1946, it had proved so popular as an import in Australia that a native version went into print, morphing Cat-Man into a slightly different character with a male sidekick known as Kit. Though varying from the original series in tone , these stories were well-done in their own way, and drawn by one of the greatest illustrators to ever come out of the Australian comic book world, John Dixon. This version will be showcased as well. In addition, KITTEN also co-starred (with the sidekick from a lesser Holyoke strip THE DEACON and MICKEY) in another Holyoke series called “The Little Leaders”. Never reprinted previously, this book will contain several “Little Leaders” adventures. This tome should  prove to be THE most in depth look at these characters ever printed.


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