Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 17


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Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 17 is now available!! This issue’s total focus is on the PreCode classic fusion of the Western, horror and superhero genres, Magazine Entersprises’ GHOST RIDER!! This officially authorized edition (produced with the permission of the original M.E. publisher, the late Vin Sullivan) reprints in full 21 vintage Ghost Rider stories originally published in M. E.’s Ghost Rider, Tim Holt, Best of the West, B-Bar-B Riders and Redmask comics of the 1950’s; over 135 pages of stunning Dick Ayers artwork, on GR adventures including “The Book Of Doom”, “The Inn On Skull Mountain”, “The Shadow Slayers”, “The Devil Deals In Death”, “The Ghost Of Longhair John”, “The Freaks Of Fear”, “The Talking Head”, “No Law In Little Bend”, “The Beautiful Witch”, “The Green Men From Horro”, “Play Of Death”, “The Horns Of Horror”, “The Horror Of Dead Man’s Cave”, “The Phantom Guns Of Feather Gap”, “The Haunted Tomb”, “to Touch Is To Die”, “A Web For Her Wedding Dress”, “Magico Versus The Ghost Rider”, “The Claws Of Horror”, “The Return Of Magico”, and “Scourge Of Guilt”. Although most of these stories have previously been reprinted in AC’s late, great Best Of The West Western anthology series as Hauinted Horseman stories, NONE of these have been used in any other Ghost Rider reprint volumes you may have seen offered from any other publishers. In addition to all the superb vintage stories ( reproduced in crisp, clear black and white), there is historical text from AC Comics creator/ Editor Emeritus (and the world’s biggest Ghost Rider fan, expert and collector) Bill Black, including a full index listing ALL M. E. Ghost Rider appearances. This issue is dedicated to the great Dick Ayers. 144 pages total, full color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched, for $29.95. Released in 2015.


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