Golden Age Profiles: Bob Lubbers

Bob Lubbers is best known for his “good girl art” from both the comic strips and comic books.

Bob was born in 1922, and attended the Art Students League before breaking into the comic book profession at the tender age of 18. His first work was for Centaur, (then known as The Comics Corporation of America) illustrating such features as The Arrow, Reef Kincaid, Red Riley and The Liberty Scouts.

When Centaur folded in 1942, Bob moved over to T. T. Scott’s Fiction House line and found a home for the rest of the decade. There he served as Art Director, doing many action features and spectacular covers.

He drew Camilla in Jungle Comics, SeƱorita Rio in Fight Comics, Captain Wings in Wings, as well as Space Rangers, Rip Carson, Flint Baker, Captain Terry Thunder, and a long stint on Rangers Comics’ frontier girl, Firehair.

In 1950, Bob began a four-year run on the Tarzan comic strip. Bob did a lot of work in newspaper strips including The Saint, Big Ben Bolt (ghosted) and Rusty Riley (ghosted). He did two strips of his own creation, Long Sam (1954-58) and Robin Malone. Long Sam was written by Al Capp and featured the exploits of a tall and gorgeous montain gal. He began working on Lil’ Abner in 1970, and later did a stint on Secret Agent X-9.

He did some work at DC Comics on The Vigilante. Bob also did some Westerns at Pines (Standard / Nedor) comics on into the 1950’s. His work also popped up at Gleason, Timely / Marvel, St. John and King Comics, and even stories in The Twilight Zone comic book for Western in the 1960’s.

Check out Bob’s work on this great cover for Best of the West 57!


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