January 1, 2012

Happy New Year by Mark Heike

Ms. V holiday image by Rock BakerNew Years is one of those holidays I’ve never really been able to get a good handle on. It just doesn’t have the emotions and memories attached to it that Christmas does; at least not for me. ¬†Still, it does mark the beginning of a new 365 day segment in all of our lives, so it does seem like an appropriate time to look ahead. Here are some New Years wishes for a few individuals in the extended AC family. For those movie-making madmen, Bill(Bossman)Black and JohnJG; may they be blessed with good weather on all the days they plan location filming. For artistic stalwarts Jeff Austin, Scott Larson, Eric Coile, Rock Baker and Scott Shriver; may they all find ways to add two or three hours to every day to comfortably juggle their AC endeavors along with all of their other assignments. For Will Meugniot, may he grow several more arms so that he can keep up with all the comic book and video projects on his plate. For new penciler Dan Gorman, the patience of a saint, to put up with all of my comments, criticisms and revisons. For writers Eric Johnston, lots of quiet late-nights to pound out scripts; and David Watkins, success with his publishing venture- but still enough time to write the occasional AC script or two. For artistic legend Brad Gorby, a more settled work situation, and gorilla-man Chris Casteel a few less family & medical crisis. For Chris Allen, a functioning email, so we can get him working on more AC stories.¬† And for all of you reading this, health and prosperity for you and yours in 2012. Thanks for being interested enough in us and what we do to read this, and Happy New Year!!