March 18, 2012

I Don’t Know The Name, But His Face Rings A Bell by Mark Heike

Orlandocaon 1991 photosAs promised, here are the I.D.’s of the people in these two photos: Top Picture (left to right) yours truly, Mark Heike, Howard(who was a friend of  Tillman Smoot’s, and a GREAT AC fan, but I cannot remember his name) Bob Koenig (from The Keys, the band that recorded the Femforce themesong that was included on flexidisc in FF #50). Tillman Smoot- marketing director/writer at AC in 1992; Priscilla Marimon(Billie’s wife) and Billie Marimon, longtime AC artist. Bottom Picture: Jordi Ensign, onetime AC artist, Rebekah Black, Bill Black, Nick Northey (in the foreground) longtime AC artist, and AC writer/artist, (the late) Rik Levins. Thanks to all who participatewd; Mark Holmes was the big winner in identifying six of these folks. Am I the only one who remembers that (the title of this post) as the punch-line to a joke about Quasimodo that PeeWee Herman used to tell? Never mind.  See the two photos at left? I found them out in the AC Comics warehouse as I was moving some boxes. They were taken at a restaraunt (long out of business) circa 1991, at a little-after-the-show festivities during the 1991 OrlandoCon, if memory serves me. Man, that was a long time ago. Of these eleven people prominently shown in these two pictures, eight were, have been, or currently still work as part of the AC Comics operation. Two more are good friends of AC, and one a spouse. Can anybody out there in blogland IDENTIFY these folks by this mug-shot? Let’s make a contest out of it. Whoever can correctly identify the MOST people shown in these two pictures by midnight on March 31St will win a random piece of Mark Heike original art. And if you’re guessing that art piece may be left over from the February Freebies promo, you COULD be right. Feel free to cheat by doing lots of online research to find other photos of AC people if you care to. Email me at with your list of names. Enter early, enter often!!