Jim Bannon by Bill Black

Jim Bannon

Jim Bannon

I love old movies and constantly watch TCM to catch rare gems from Hollywood’s past. Lately actor JIM BANNON has been turning up in various noir films (I LOVE A MYSTERY). I met Bannon at a Western film festival in the mid-1970’s. Where I remembered him from my childhood was co-starring in a few WHIP WILSON B Westerns. But he also was featured in a couple of Charles Starrett’s DURANGO KID entries. Jim was told that I was a big Starrett fan so he offered to sell me one of Starrett’s shirts from the series. Bannon had doubled for Charlie as “Steve” and had left Columbia with a “Steve” shirt. I looked closely and he was indeed wearing that very shirt as he spoke to me. Yes, film fans, Bannon was trying to sell me the shirt off his back! I think about that every time I watch a chapter from Jim’s starring vehicle, DANGERS OF THE CANADIAN MOUNTED.






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2 thoughts on “Jim Bannon by Bill Black
  1. Al Stone

    Hey Bill,
    How come no comment on the last of the Red Ryder movies that Bannon starred in. At least he looked more like Harmon’s conception than anyh of the prvious ones. And they were in color (sort of) too.

  2. Mike Newton

    Hi Bill: I met you at the Asheville Film Festival years ago. At least I think it was Asheville. I have the Paragon Magazine with the Durango article you wrote. Charles Starrett signed it and his wife enclosed a short note saying how hard it was for him to write. Jocko Mahoney and Dub Taylor also signed it. Re: Jim Bannon. When did he double for Starrett. Was it at the same time as Jocko doing “Durango.” I know Ted Mapes was doubling Starrett before Jocko. Best Wishes from a fellow Front Row Kid.