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Currently on Saturdays on Turner Classic Movies, they are running the TARZAN movies one each week. Recently they showed TARZAN GOES TO INDIA and that got me to thinking about the film’s star, JOCK MAHONEY, whom I met back in 1980. Jocko was coming to Florida to appear at the Sarasota School of Performing Arts. Arthur David Rothel, whom I knew, was hosting the event and invited me to attend. David knew I was a fan of Jocko’s and collected his films. I loaded films in the car and drove down to the West Coast where David and I met the 6’4” actor at the airport. This was a splendid opportunity to spend time one on one with a favorite actor I had admired for years. After a session at the school I drove Jocko to his hotel where we chatted and he signed a big 11” X 14” photo of himself as TV’s RANGE RIDER. Cool!

 I first knew of Jock Mahoney (actually Jacques O’Mahoney) as “Jack” Mahoney, actor featured in Charles Starrett’s DURANGO KID series at Columbia (1947 – 1952). I later learned Jocko had begun his film career as stuntman doubling for Durango (More on this later). He then starred in over 100 episodes of RANGE RIDER (1951-1953), the most action packed, stunt filled series ever made for television. For several years he was under contract to Universal starring in THE LAND UNKNOWN, LAST OF THE FAST GUNS, SLIM CARTER and many other features. He returned to TV starring as YANCY DERRINGER (1959), a sophisticated Mississippi Riverboat gambler.

 In 1960, Jocko began a long association with the TARZAN character appearing a villain Coy Banton, son of evil John Carradine in one of the best in the series, TARZAN THE MAGNIFICENT (1960). Producer Sy Weintraub liked Jock and cast him as Tarzan No. 13 in TARZAN GOES TO INDIA which, like the filmmakers two earlier entries was filmed on location. More on this later.

 As RANGE RIDER, Jock Mahoney starred in his own comic book. AC Comics has reprinted several RR tales the most recent of which are found in WESTERN TREASURY Vol. 1 and 2.  AC’s BEST OF THE WEST features DURANGO KID stories in all 71 issues.


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3 thoughts on “Jock Mahoney
  1. Chris Casteel

    Wow, how cool is that, to have hung out with Jock!
    He was in the most awesome Tarzan fight scene ever. In Tarzans 3 Challenges he was suspended over boiling oil, on a net while fighting bad-ass Woody Strode with swords ! Didn’t he get disentary while filming Tarzan goes to India and loose like 30lbs ?

  2. The "Creature"

    It’s always interesting reading about people who meet those whose work they really enjoy and even more of a thrill to actually spend some time with that person. I’ve had this happen to me on a couple occasions and they are life-long memories.
    I wasn’t aware that Jock Mahoney was in the Durango Kid and Range Rider. I’ll have to check them out. He certainly impressed me as well in his portrayal of Tarzan. Thanx for sharing.
    Have a Great Day!!!
    The “Creature”

    1. Bill Black

      Chris: Indeed! Read the continuing Mahoney saga for more stories. Ya see, Bongo-Boy, first I gotta tell the “Sarasota” Jocko stories, then the “Orlando” Jocko stories, then the “Memphis” Jocko stories. They are in chronological order. You need to be patient… or no banana fer you.

      Creature: He was also “SIMON LASH” and that will be a future story as well.