Limited Edition Great American Western 6 Autographed by Jack Lewis

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Same great contents as the regular edition with a special collector’s bonus! The cover is signed by screenwriter Jack Lewis, who wrote the screenplay for “King of the Bullwhip”, the classic Lash LaRue Film this comic was based on! This issue spotlights a 32-page adaptation of the 1950 Lash LaRue motion picture, “King of the Bull Whip”. It is drawn by legendary comic book artist Bob Powell who brings matinee hero Lash LaRue and his comical sidekick Fuzzy Q. Jones to life in this Western thriller that pits the roving marshal against a whip-wielding masked outlaw, El Azote! Reprinted from the Fawcett Comics book of the same year. Photos and text round out this special collector’s item. 36 pages, color covers with black and white interiors, 61/4″ X 91/2″ comic book format. Printed in 2001


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